Gronk'd UP

Gronk'd UP
Join Chris Gronkowski, - NFL player for the Cowboys, Colts, and Broncos and entrepreneur owner of the Ice Shaker protein drink bottle (a Shark Tank winner). Chris and his guests talk about life, entrepreneurial skill and lessons, and what it takes to make it. Let’s get Gronk’d UP!

Being Comfortable Being Uncomfortable With Branch Warren
Nov 18 • 44 min
On this episode, we sit down with body building champion Branch Warren and discuss what it takes to be the best in the world. It’s not easy to wake up every morning and push your self to limit. It’s easy to get tired, and give up especially when it comes…
Do these 5 things the next time you travel
Nov 15 • 10 min
Money Is Not Always Motivation
Nov 11 • 31 min
What motivates you? Once I stopped chasing the money, that is when the money really started coming in.
If you think you can, or think you cant, you are right.
Nov 8 • 8 min
It’s all about mindset, your mind is the most powerful tool. Get your mind right and maximize your life.
Facebook ads are the real deal
Nov 4 • 46 min
Ever wonder why you are seeing the ads that you do on Facebook or Instagram? Believe it or not, it is not based on random selection… In our newest episode of the Gronk’d Up podcast, we discuss Facebook Ads and how we have found MASSIVE success leveraging…
Are You A Sheep Or A Wolf
Nov 1 • 7 min
Are you someone that just does something because everyone else is doing it? I fell into this trap.
Growing your Hobby to 7 figures with Brittany Gronkowski.
Oct 28 • 38 min
It starts off as a hobby, then it starts taking over your house and pretty soon it’s an all out business making some real money. On this episode we talk to special guest, Brittany Gronkowski. Brittany is a successful entrepreneur who founded her business,…
Episode 6 - The Key To Success
Oct 25 • 13 min
Do you want to know what it takes to be successful. It’s a pretty easy formula. In this episode we break down what really has helped take us to the next level.
How to make $$ on e-commerce
Oct 21 • 57 min
Chris and Ryan take a deep dive into how to build a successful e-commerce website. Chris has built his fair share of websites and has learned what to do and what not to do(the hard way) to turn a profit. If you’re interested in starting your own…
Episode 4 - Spotting An opportunity
Oct 14 • 32 min
Don’t let another opportunity slip by. You know when you have a really good idea? But then it turns out someone has already done it? Well that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. Sometimes proven concepts that you can improve upon end up being much better ideas…
Episode 3 - The Shark Tank Experience
Oct 7 • 66 min
Ever wonder what it’s truly like behind the scene of ABC’s Shark Tank? Did you know that each pitch could be hours long? Mine was about an hour long but you only see the good parts on tv… like playing flip cup against the sharks and chest bumping with my…
My story part 2: Life after the NFL, a surprise eCommerce Business, and the birth of IceShaker
Sep 30 • 31 min
Part 2 of the Journey from NFL to Ice Shaker.
My story: Growing up Gronk, developing drive and work ethic, and getting into the NFL
Sep 26 • 40 min
Born in Buffalo, NY - the middle of the 5 Gronkowski Brothers, Chris was the shortest and maybe the least talented but his drive and hard work landed him in the NFL. As a starting fullback for 3 different NFL teams, Chris accomplished more than most and…
Are you ready to get Gronk’d Up?
Sep 20 • 1 min
Join Chris for this trailer episode to find out what the show is all about.