Journey Into Finance-A Mother's Finance Journey

Journey Into Finance-A Mother's Finance Journey
Welcome! Most of the commentary will come from my book, “Journey into Finance”, which is available through, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. So come along and ride, drive or just sit back, be enlightened and hopefully entertained with me on my “Journey into Finance”! See you there… Support this podcast:

Invest in Yourself
Nov 5 • 13 min
Invest in yourself is chapter 8 in my book Journey into Finance which can be used in conjunction with this podcast to gain more insight into my thought process when creating my memoir. I’ve always been a knowledge seeker especially when it comes to…
Master the Game
Oct 12 • 10 min
Master the Game is about understanding the rules of banking, budgeting, saving for short and long-term goals, and tapping into your employer matched investments like a 401K. Acorns investing link- —- This episode is…
Commit to Change
Oct 5 • 2 min
A commitment to change in all aspects of life is what it really boils down to, not just finances. There are levels to this ish! Once we become focused on making that change, we will become unstoppable! Are you ready to commit?…
Focus on Purpose
Sep 28 • 10 min
Time to focus on purpose! Philanthropy is well known amongst the rich and famous. People who have given large donations are Warren Bates, and Bill Gates, Allan C. Golston, and Diane Bell-McKoy to name a few. They give in charity to help improve the…
Break the Chains Part 1, 2, 3
Sep 21 • 9 min
In order to live a more fulfilling, and productive life, we must observe our bad habits and change them exponentially over time. Where to find Journey Into Finance: ISBN: 9781514438442…
Goal Setting
Sep 16 • 10 min
When you want to set goals, it’s important to write them down thereby creating a vision of how to achieve them. The objective of education is in training the mind to think. Where to find Journey Into Finance: ISBN: 9781514438442…
The Needs vs. Wants
Sep 8 • 8 min
This episode is about keeping up with the joneses and how to break free from limiting beliefs and habits that keep us in the poor house. We also have a question from one of our listeners about how to remain positive during hard times. Tune in… If you are…
Just Gets Better with Time
Aug 31 • 9 min
As we go through life, we get better with time, grow wiser from life’s experiences, hopefully, and pass these lessons on to our progeny. In this episode, we’re going to speak on Chapter one of my book, The Blame Game. Check out my Author page for your…
Journey Into Finance Trailer
Aug 23 • 2 min
Mastering our emotional, and intellectual relationship with money is one of the most fulfilling things we can do for ourselves. This process requires self-determination and a bit of introspection, especially the misconceptions we’ve learned about personal…