The Business Greenhouse with Emmie Faust

The Business Greenhouse with Emmie Faust
I’m here to help you grow a company that will thrive whatever the weather and that will bring joy to your customers. Join me to hear from experts who will be sharing their strategies, tactics and tips on how to grow a successful business. I’ll also be sharing some stories from my own entrepreneurial journey. You’ve planted the seed of your business, now it needs to be nurtured and looked after. Outside elements can be a challenge at times, but remember, you’re not alone and together we can all flourish.

Why it’s great to survey your audience
Mar 8 • 15 min
In this topic, I talk about why it’s important to research your audience and the findings from my recent survey. Also, find out how you can easily conduct some basic research so that you can serve your customers better.
#32 Why I Love Strategic Partnerships
Feb 28 • 17 min
If you’re interested in finding out more about strategic partnerships, what one might look like, and how you can build strategic partnerships that work for your business, you’ll find a lot of practical tips and examples in this episode.
#31 It Can be Lonely Working on your Own.
Feb 18 • 15 min
There are many great things about working for ourselves and setting up businesses but there are also challenges that we can sometimes face. Working on our own can feel lonely at times especially when things are not going to plan. It really helps to have a…
#30 Do you need a Business Plan?
Feb 10 • 16 min
What is a business plan, what goes into creating one and why might it be useful? Banks and Investors will normally ask for a business plan. Even if you are not looking for funding it still worth creating a plan to make sure that you have properly thought…
#29 Goal Setting for 2020
Dec 31, 2019 • 20 min
Happy New Year - here is to a fabulous 2020! This is a re-run of one of the episodes with Will Polston all about goal setting so I thought you might like to have a listen if goal setting is on your agenda this year. It really works and I think Will offers…
#28 I am Grateful to You
Dec 20, 2019 • 4 min
As I wrap up for my last episode in this series I am grateful to you the listeners for listening to my podcast. And for giving me feedback. Grateful to those that were interviewed for this podcast. Grateful for being able to share what I love doing. I’ll…
#27 The ICO and why you might need to know!
Dec 19, 2019 • 4 min
Have you registered with the ICO? I’m not a lawyer or a GDPR specialist but it might be worth checking the ICO site to see whether, like many other businesses in the UK, you are required to pay a data protection fee.
#26 Thoughts on Starting a Podcast
Dec 19, 2019 • 8 min
Top tips for getting started with a podcast. This is a question from a listener who has asked for some help around launching a podcast and what equipment they need and how they go about editing their podcast audio.
#25 How to focus on your ideal customers
Dec 17, 2019 • 6 min
We all have limited time and money to spend on marketing so it’s key to focus on those customers that are going to deliver the best ROI. The ones that want your products or services, they love your company and they keep coming back time and time again to…
#24 The Different Stages of your Customer Journey
Dec 16, 2019 • 7 min
Being customer-focused means thinking about the customer at every stage of the journey. I talk about the prospect stage, the stage when customers are interested but have not yet purchased (leads) right through to being a customer and then raving fans.
#23 Finding a Good Business Bank
Dec 15, 2019 • 5 min
Finance is super important. And you can’t ignore the fact your business bank is a large part of that. Do you have a good relationship with your bank? Are you aware of the charges? (especially when it comes to foreign payments - watch out for that)
#22 Understanding your Management Accounts
Dec 15, 2019 • 6 min
I’m talking finance today - don’t let that put you off. It’s super important! Understanding the finance side of your business is key. If you feel that this is not your area of expertise make sure that you find someone that does have that skill set to help…
#21 The Know, Like and Trust Factor
Dec 13, 2019 • 6 min
This episode is all about building a relationship and trust with your prospects so that they feel confident to purchase from you or your company. Most of the time customers are not ready to buy the first time that they come into contact with you or your…
#20 SWOT - Threats in the Market
Dec 13, 2019 • 4 min
In the last of the 4 episodes dedicated to the SWOT analysis, I talk about the threads in the market. This would include what the competitors (sometimes disruptors) might be up to and also things like policies and legislations.
#19 SWOT - Opportunities in the Market
Dec 11, 2019 • 4 min
Have you thought about the opportunities in the marketplace? It’s worth looking at the trends in the market and seeing which ones could positively impact your business. What other things are going on outside your market that could be an opportunity for…
#18 SWOT - Identifying the Weaknesses in your Business
Dec 10, 2019 • 5 min
Following on with our SWOT week. Today we are talking about weaknesses and why it’s important to identify the ones that are critical to business success. Once you have identified them then the next step is to work out how to make improvements in those…
#17 Why it’s Good to have a Morning Routine with Will Polston
Dec 9, 2019 • 21 min
Will Polston, mindset strategist and coach chats to me about the importance of a good morning routine. Having a morning routine can have a great impact on your productivity levels and your mental state. Why not give it a go?
#16 SWOT - Identifying the Strengths in your Business
Dec 8, 2019 • 7 min
A SWOT analysis is one of the key tools that I use with my clients to identify the strengths and weaknesses within the business, and the opportunities and threats in the market. Today I am talking about strengths - how to identify them and why it’s…
#15 Why the Customer Journey is Important
Dec 7, 2019 • 5 min
Have you thought about the journey that your customers go through from prospects, leads to buying your product or services. It’s super important to deliver great customer experience at every step of the way. Have a listen to this mini-episode for some top…
#14 Why SEO is Important for Business Growth
Dec 6, 2019 • 5 min
SEO is an important factor to consider when it comes to marketing your business. Make sure that your website is optimised correctly. I always do an SEO audit on clients’ website to identify any issues. Listen to find out why an SEO audit is well worth…
#13. Importance of creating good content
Dec 5, 2019 • 6 min
Content is a great way to get people to know, like and trust you. Have a listen for my top tips on creating great, engaging content that resonates with your customers.
#12 How to Audit your Website
Dec 4, 2019 • 6 min
The work that I do with my clients always involves a good deal of research and audit work upfront. This episode is all about auditing your website to see what is and what isn’t working. Find a friend or another business owner and do a swap. Spend 30 mins…
#11 Why you Need to Measure your Marketing (properly)
Dec 4, 2019 • 7 min
Measuring your marketing is so important. It really is. You need to know what works and what doesn’t work so that you can focus on the stuff that works and is going to grow your business. And you can stop wasting time and money on activities that don’t…
#10 Goal Setting in Life and Business with Will Polston
Dec 2, 2019 • 19 min
Do you set goals for your own life and business? Is goal setting something you do or have done before? In this week’s episode, I chat with award-winning mindset strategist Will Polston. Will aims to empower people to be able to fulfil their potential in…
#9 Why you might need Google My Business
Dec 1, 2019 • 4 min
Why you need Google My Business, how to set it up and why it’s great to get reviews from customers.
#8 Just Do One Thing
Nov 30, 2019 • 3 min
Just Do One Thing - Stay focused and be more efficient. Fewer distractions and just get it done!
#7 How Networking can Help you Grow your Business
Nov 26, 2019 • 22 min
This week, I recorded my first-ever solo episode to share the examples and experiences of some of the lovely ladies I’ve met through networking. I asked them to tell us what networking did for them both personally and for their businesses and here are the…
#6 Looking after Yourself and Your Staff with Tiffany Rowlands
Nov 17, 2019 • 28 min
What can business owners do to look after themselves and their staff? In this episode, health coach Tiffany Rowlands shares her tips for happiness and health at work.
#5 Definitive Guide to Not Wasting your Marketing Budget with Kelly Teasdale
Nov 11, 2019 • 28 min
Why do small and medium-size businesses waste time and money on marketing that doesn’t work? Because they don’t have a clear marketing strategy! In this week’s episode, I chat with marketing expert and business growth consultant Kelly Teasdale. Kelly and…
#4 Digital Trends in 2020 with Matt Duggan
Nov 2, 2019 • 42 min
I chat with Matt Duggan, a digital marketing expert (who used to be a magician!) about his take on what to look out for in 2020 when it comes to digital marketing.
#3 How to Plan Content and Blog Regularly with Sara Bussandri.
Oct 21, 2019 • 25 min
Sara Bussandri and I chat about how to plan content so that you can get into the habit of blogging regularly. This is a great way to share your expertise or more information on your products and services. Sara shares her 6 step process which makes it…
#2 How a VA can Help you Grow your Business with Louisa van Vessem.
Oct 12, 2019 • 25 min
What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)? What can they do to help you grow your business and to save you time and money? And crucially how do you find a good one? These are some of the questions that I ask Louisa Van Vessem in this episode.
#1 All about Podcasting With David Nebinski.
Oct 3, 2019 • 15 min
What are the benefits of podcasting and how can it impact business growth? Is a podcast for everyone? These are the questions and many others that we cover in the Business Greenhouse. I am joined by podcast host and coach, David Nebinski.
Sep 18, 2019 • 2 min
The Business Greenhouse Podcast trailer with a shout out from Ria Hebden of Wonder Women TV