You Think you do, but you don't

You Think you do, but you don't
Three opinionated folks with no fear of sharing them and telling the other two they are wrong! Join Dunkurk, Kexman, & Farseer for a no-holds barred look at Warcraft and how it makes them feel!

YTYDBYD Episode 9 - Shadow of the Shadowlands!
Nov 9 • 115 min
Join Farseer Dunkurk and Kexman as they go through the rollercoaster ride that was this years BlizzCon, where our predictions true? Also in the show the topic of gaps between content and what we feel is the best possible time gap for releases. Broadcasted…
YTYDBYD Episode: 8 /w Kexman & Farseer
Nov 6 • 116 min
It’s the last show before Blizzcon! Come and join the dynamic duo; Farseer & Kexman as they delve into the new Corrupted forging system in the World of Warcraft and discuss everything coming up next week at Blizzcon! What do you want to see? What do you…
YTYDBYD Episode: 7 /w Kexman & Farseer
Nov 6 • 115 min
We’re back with Kexman & Farseer once again to tell Blizzard: WE NEED HOLIDAY HEARTHSTONES! We got the idea’s to pitch and chat is included! Outside of that, is the Lich King back? We have our own idea’s! Let’s see how far they go! Broadcasted live on…
YTYDBYD - Episode 6: The one with the Scotsman in it
Oct 20 • 112 min
Dunkurk is back! We have all three of us this week to discuss and debate the latest happenings in World of Warcraft as more 8.3 information has been released, Blizzcon around the corner and horrific Halloween honey bee’s are nesting in Farseer’s house!…
YTYDBYD Episode 5
Oct 20 • 109 min
The dynamic duo are back once again! This week discussing 8.3 possibly coming soon! Phase 2 of Classic and mix in the random banter between the two Brits, Farseer & Kexman, and you got yourself a show! — Watch live at
YTYDBYD Episode 4 w/ Kexman & Farseer
Oct 20 • 115 min
The Essence of Roleplay duo return as we take over the show together and delve deep into the content of patch 8.2.5, the Cinematics, Blizzcon, and the latest news surrounding World of Warcraft. And it wouldn’t be a show without us de-railing a little bit…
You Think You Do But You Don’t - Episode 3
Sep 22 • 118 min
The topics covered today including our personal experiences with Classic so far, how to go forward with Blizzard and the expansions and the deep discussion of content gating returns! Along with a lot of waffling in between! Broadcasted live on Twitch —…
You Think You Do But You Don’t - Episode 2 FT Leto??
Sep 22 • 120 min
Enjoy this special edition of the show, featuring our very own Dan “Leto” Hahn from across the pond in America! Stepping in for Dunkurk this week, he has his own views to drop on the table like a gauntlet. The topics covered today including our personal…
Episode 1
Sep 3 • 100 min
The debut Episode of “You Think You Do But You Don’t” featuring Dunkurk, Kexman and Almighty Farseer. This week we got you covered for Classic discussions and opinions, including expectations for the future, Celebration store mounts and how things have…