CGOA Podcast

CGOA Podcast
Monthly news and interviews from the Columbia Gorge Orchestra Association (Oregon)

11: The Yearbook Edition
Jun 1 • 54 min
Remember when you got your high school yearbook signed by all your friends? That’s kind of what this episode is. Mark and Michele recap the season and lots of folks send audio and text messages. It’s just like your yearbook, minus the boring parts and…
10: CGOA’s Epic Song Cast Podcast
Apr 30 • 112 min
It’s our biggest episode of all time. Interviews with Gorge musical legend Alonzo Garbanzo (Dennis Castanares), Mamma Mia star and Open Mic Diva Lesley Saunders, plus current and upcoming CGOA Presidents Ed Price and Hugh Amick talk about post-pandemic…
9: April Foolin’ Around
Mar 22 • 30 min
This month, we’ve got interviews with three musical superstars: famed Maestro Salvatore Da Winci, soprano Giselle Swanhilde, and American composer Holden Kaulfield. —- Send in a voice message:
8: A Little Late but Worth the Wait!
Mar 4 • 52 min
This month we have an extended round table interview with the cast of WEST SIDE STORY! Plus news, and Michele tries to explain just what a production coordinator does. Be sure to stick around for the ending, and the premiere of Michele’s new dance floor…
7: Winds, Wires and Floating Worlds, Oh My!
Jan 31 • 46 min
Buckle up! February and March are jam-packed with performances you don’t want to miss. This month we have the WORLD PREMIERE of a new radio dramedy about the composers Brahms and Bruckner (starring Tom Burns and Richard Withers), plus an interview with…
6: Calm Before the Storm
Dec 27, 2019 • 33 min
This month’s episode is short and sweet as we prepare for a very busy February and March. Michele chats with choreographer and dance teacher Susan Sorensen about West Side Story and we have our first Top Ten list. Plus news, the contest, Chill Chamber…
5: Sam Baker’s The Go in Peace Symphony and Other Presents Under the Tree
Nov 27, 2019 • 59 min
It’s our biggest show ever, including a very special interview with Sam Baker about his upcoming appearance with the Sinfonietta, plus we talk to Voci member and early music devotee Brian Litt about our newest ensemble, Canticum. We talk holiday music,…
4: Jazz Rocks (and so do music educators)!
Oct 31, 2019 • 36 min
This month, interviews with music educators and CGOA performers Corin Parker (director of the CGOA Youth Chorus) and Dan Kenealy (Hood River Valley HS). We learn why jazz rocks, what Clint Eastwood has to do with the podcast and there’s A NEW NAME THAT…
3: October is Crazy Busy
Sep 28, 2019 • 34 min
We’ve got a very full month of performances, including MURDER BALLAD opening October 3, a special celebration at the Hood River County History Museum on October 9, and the WORLD TOUR concerts with Sinfonietta. Special guests on this episode are Jim…
2: Murder Ballad Bonus
Sep 19, 2019 • 42 min
CGOA Stages presents MURDER BALLAD, a rock musical written in 2012 by Julia Jordan and Juliana Nash. It opens on October 3 at the River City Saloon. This special podcast episode includes an extended interview with the composer, and a roundtable discussion…
September Podcast
Sep 3, 2019 • 36 min
Welcome! This month we focus on the Last Chance Dance (September 28) with an interview with Jazz Collective drummer Mike Grodner. Plus a little information about Stages’ MURDER BALLAD and Emily Vawter talks about becoming a CGOA volunteer. Ticket and…