She’s A Talker

She’s A Talker
For the past million or so years, visual artist Neil Goldberg has been writing down passing thoughts on index cards. He has thousands of them. In SHE’S A TALKER, he uses them as prompts for conversations with some of his favorite New Yorkers — artists, writers, performers, and beyond. Each of his guests has a wild imagination, takes the beauty and brevity of life seriously, and balances vulnerability with humor. New episodes every Friday!

Mike Albo: Hand Model Anxiety
Nov 15 • 24 min
Writer and performer Mike Albo talks about enthusiasm as a gay survival strategy and the erotics of fermented food.
Jia Tolentino: The Wish to Die in Space
Nov 8 • 27 min
Writer Jia Tolentino contemplates whether animals can feel embarrassed for other animals and explores her desire to die in space.
Morgan Bassichis: The Labor of the Face
Nov 1 • 26 min
Performer Morgan Bassichis talks about the drama of sealing an envelope and the pleasure of leaving parties early.
Naomi Ekperigin: And Yet We Brunch
Oct 25 • 28 min
Comedian Naomi Ekperigin discusses her feelings about the spacebar key and the wisdom of not trusting your gut.
Annie Lanzillotto: Elevator Catch
Oct 25 • 24 min
Writer and performer Annie Lanzillotto discusses the pleasure of wolfing food down and how the “feels like” temperature is measured.
Introducing SHE’S A TALKER
Sep 17 • 2 min
Introducing SHE’S A TALKER, a podcast in which visual artist Neil Goldberg talks with some of his favorite New Yorkers about the everyday and overlooked.