Domain Investing with Jason Of Florida

Domain Investing with Jason Of Florida
Domain Investing with Jason Of Florida shares real life experiences, give tips and tools to help domainers achieve a better level of success with your domain names. Topics will include how to buy, market, advertise, and sell domain names. We will also discuss topics like top-level domains, domain valuation, how to buy domain names at auction, expired domains, aftermarket tools - and more!

The Domain King Rick Schwartz Tweets and You Should Listen
Nov 19 • 49 min
In this episode I discuss a recent tweet by the Domain King Rick Schwartz and why it really caught my eye. His knowledge and experience as a domain investor and marketer is something you should pay attention to because you could could learn. But more, you…
Episode 3: Hidden Costs of Domain Investing
Oct 28 • 37 min
In this episode I will discuss the hidden costs the domain investor incurs. These costs are outside the scope of the registration fee or purchase price, renewal fees and the basic cost of time. These costs include leveraging domain name management tool…
How To Buy Expired Domain Names
Oct 6 • 46 min
In this episode I discuss a new page of my website where I added links to tools and resources for domain investors and web entrepreneurs, you can find that page here: I also discussed how to buy expired…
Where I’m presently listing my domains for sale
Sep 15 • 26 min
I recently wrote a standard operating procedure so that I could easily list my domains on the registrar,,, and where I also discuss using for my forsale landing pages. I discuss 3 recent domain name acquisitions…