Practically Speaking Mom: Intentional Mom, Strong Family

Practically Speaking Mom: Intentional Mom, Strong Family
Do you long to be a more intentional mom but you feel overwhelmed or weary or just don’t have a clear path to the next step toward a successful family life? The Practically Speaking MOM, Val Harrison, is here to bring some order to the chaos and some ?

Overwhelmed? Reduce chaos one system at a time, Episode 10: Time-Saving Strategies for Busy Homes, Part Three
Nov 18 • 27 min
Val mentions several areas for the overwhelmed mom to take back control. Having systems/family habits in place can reduce chaos (dishes, laundry, backpacks, shoes…). Adding one new system at a time can bring more peace to your life and frees you up to…
Listener Q&A (consequences, child’s weaknesses, mom’s mistakes), Episode 9. Plus Meet Val’s Son, Andrew.
Nov 11 • 32 min
Val shares listener Q&A on consequences, child’s weaknesses, and mom’s mistakes plus you’ll meet her youngest son, Andrew.
Intentional Marriage, Episode 8: *Moms daily serenity moments *Val & Rich on redeeming your marriage
Nov 4 • 30 min
Val opens the episode by encouraging moms to find serenity spots in your day and talks for a few minutes to single moms. Then listen to Val and Rich share about the redemption of their marriage, what steps they took, and what was the transforming marriage…
Work Ethic & the Habit of Happiness in Littles, Middles, and Teens, 7. Plus, Success Habits for Teens from GAINING MOMENTUM: Preparing Your Student for Success with or without College
Oct 28 • 26 min
7. Giving Kids the Habit of Happiness. Work Ethic in Littles, Middles, and Teens; Success Habits for Teens from GAINING MOMENTUM: Preparing Your Student for Success with or without CollegeQuotes from Episode”We want our kid…
Parenting Middles and Teens, 6. Overcoming Negative Self Talk, What Your Teens aren’t Telling You, Resources for Those who Love a Child in the Gen Z World
Oct 21 • 31 min
From negative self-talk to weird hairstyles to Gen Z lingo, there’s so much for parents of middle schoolers and high schoolers to navigate with their kids but the most important issues are the ones below the surface, out of sight. We want to reach the…
Getting Kids to Listen the 1st Time and Following Up After a Chore, 5: Part 2 of Time Saving Strategies for Busy Households
Oct 14 • 26 min
Getting kids to listen the first time and be more obedient plus How to followup with a child or teen after giving a chore or task to them is discussed in Part 2 of Time Saving Strategies for Busy Households. You don’t need to hear part 1 to benefit from…
Dealing with Lying in Your Child, 4. Plus, Meet Val’s Daughter, Becca.
Oct 1 • 32 min
This episode begins with a 10 min discussion with a guest Becca Hammond, one of Val’s grown daughters, about Training Manners in Toddlers. This if followed by Part one of Dealing with Lying in Your Children (elementary and older). This episode addresses…
First Things First, 3: The Top Priority for Toddlers to Teens, and Learning to Let Them Grow Up
Sep 28 • 20 min
The Top Priority from Toddler to Teen is learning how to display love in a way that fills them up - how do we do that at each age. Then Val goes through the seasons of motherhood and helping moms have the right perspective about allowing your kids to grow…
Time-Saving Strategies for Busy Households, Part 1, Episode 2.
Sep 27 • 20 min
Moms’ obligations are many. How are we to get everything done?! Learning to efficiently manage your time for minimizing chaos and maximizing your time for family relationships and character development. This is part one of time saving strategies for busy…
Introduction: Discovering the Six Rooms of an Intentional Mom’s Home, 1.
Sep 14 • 19 min
Learn about the Six Rooms of the Intentional Mom’s Home, Get to know Val a little a little more while you take a sneak peek into future episode topics, and meet Val’s two youngest daughters, Emma and Abby.More than just an introduction to this podcast,…
Meet the Practically Speaking MOM
Sep 14 • 4 min
I’m going to share practical solutions and encouragement and sometimes I’m going to tell you the hard things to motivate you to change but it’s all because I love you and I want victory for your family.