You're Dead To Me

You're Dead To Me
The history podcast for people who don’t like history… and those who do. Greg Jenner brings together the best names in comedy and history to learn and laugh about the past.

The Victorian Christmas
Dec 13 • 47 min
Join us as we travel back and explore the weird and wonderful history of the Victorian Christmas. Just who the Dickens had the idea to bring trees indoors? Can a soft-drinks firm really take credit for Father Christmas’s red suit? And why did the…
The History of General Elections
Nov 21 • 48 min
You’re Dead To Me returns for a special episode on The History of General Elections. Welcome to the world of “bludgeon men”, “potwallopers”, and electorates of sheep (!). Travel back to the 18th Century, when Number 10 was number 5 (yes, really) and…
Oct 25 • 44 min
You might have learned about Richard the Lionheart in school (or from Disney’s Robin Hood), but how much do you know about his opponent, the legendary Saladin? Why does Saladin have such an enduring reputation as a good guy? Host Greg Jenner is joined by…
The Witch Craze
Oct 21 • 47 min
Discover the truth behind the European Witch Craze. Far from the world of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, discover how one book turned the world upside down as a disgruntled patriarchy murdered thousands of innocent women. Join Greg Jenner, comedian Cariad…
Lord Byron
Oct 18 • 47 min
Was Lord Byron the original celebrity? He might have been, you know. You should hear about the “things” that his fans sent him in the post! Find out the truth behind the first boy ever described as, “mad, bad and dangerous to know”. Greg Jenner is joined…
Oct 11 • 46 min
We are digging into the history and mystery surrounding Stonehenge. Is it really the symbol of fertility and scene of sacrifice it’s portrayed to be, and what part of Stonehenge is the henge exactly? Featuring podcasting legend Richard Herring alongside…
The Aztecs
Oct 4 • 45 min
Travel back to the land of the Aztecs to discover that they’re not that dissimilar to the Tudors, but with more human sacrifices. Greg Jenner is joined by comedian Joel Dommett and historian Dr Caroline Dodds Pennock to ask just how much food can be…
Joan of Arc
Sep 27 • 47 min
Delusion or divine intervention? Learn about Joan of Arc’s super sewing skills, her badass credentials, and the story of why it took nearly half a century for her to become a saint. If you think it’s tough being a woman now, find out what it was like in…
Young Napoleon
Sep 23 • 46 min
Never mind the famous battles, who was the real Napoleon? Where did he come from? What events conspired to turn him from a young Corsican officer to one of history’s greatest figures? How intense was his relationship with his wife Josephine? What part of…
Justinian and Theodora
Sep 20 • 48 min
Forget Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Justinian and Theodora were the power couple of the Byzantine era. From withstanding riots to protecting women’s rights, how did a woman from such humble beginnings (and who did *that* with a swan…) fall in love with one of the…
Mansa Musa
Sep 20 • 45 min
Who was Mansa Musa and how did he become the world’s richest man… ever? What did he do with his wealth? And why did everyone around him keep dying? Greg Jenner is joined by comedian Athena Kugblenu and historian and director of the Smithsonian National…
LGBTQ History
Sep 20 • 47 min
From Molly Houses to secret diaries, discover the real-life stories that make up the history of the LGBT community. Greg is joined by comedian Suzie Ruffell and Dr Justin Bengry, historian and creator of the world’s first masters degree in Queer History.…
Sep 13 • 44 min
Timbers are shivering as Greg Jenner digs down on the legendary pirate, Blackbeard. Why did Blackbeard blockade a small town while scratching himself in frustration? How many wives is too many wives? And what exactly did he put in his beard? He’s joined…
The History of Football
Sep 13 • 46 min
Where did football come from? Was it really invented in China or is the truth a little closer to home? Why was knife crime such a problem for football hundreds of years ago? And what’s the real truth behind the history of the women’s game? Public…
Harriet Tubman
Sep 13 • 46 min
We are heading down to the Underground Railroad to discover the incredible life of American hero and abolitionist Harriet Tubman. From a torturous childhood to surgery without anaesthetic, get ready to understand true bravery as we uncover the events…
The Spartans
Sep 13 • 46 min
Greg is joined by comedian and king of the I’m a Celebrity jungle Joel Dommett and Warwick University classics professor Michael Scott as the trio charge headlong into the legend of the Spartans. As they debunk the myths within the movie, 300, find out…
Sep 13 • 45 min
Greg Jenner and his guests discuss the important questions surrounding Queen Boudica including: Is she a feminist icon? How do you pronounce her name? And was she really ginger? Get ready to forget everything you thought you knew about Boudica and learn…
Welcome to You’re Dead To Me
Sep 12 • 2 min
Greg Jenner introduces his new history podcast for people who don’t like history or who forgot to learn any at school.