Booked On Syngency Podcast

Booked On Syngency Podcast
BOOKED ON SYNGENCY with host Cody Jones is an interview series that dives into the successful careers of agents/agency owners, their respective agencies, and the movers & shakers of the talent industry. We learn about the realities behind their journey to success, encouraging words of advice, and what lies next for them in this ever evolving world of entertainment.

#3 - Ryan Marshall, Founder and CEO of Syngency
Nov 20 • 65 min
On this episode of Booked On Syngency I talk with Ryan Marshall, the Founder and CEO of Syngency. We dive straight in and get to know who Ryan is, where he grew up, what he was into as a kid, his adventures playing bass in a touring rock band, and we…
Bonus Episode - Syngency’s Distributed Team with Ryan Marshall
Nov 8 • 12 min
I sat down with our Founder and CEO of Syngency, Ryan Marshall, and talked about how a distributed team that all works remotely came about for Syngency and how that benefits everyone involved. What a remote team looks like, where we are all based, and how…
#2 - Taylor Trumbo of Evolve Artists Agency
Oct 9 • 49 min
On Episode 2 of Booked On Syngency, our marketing director, Cody Jones, speaks on the phone with Taylor Trumbo, the owner and head agent at Evolve Artists Agency. With a decade of experience in the talent industry, we learn about Taylor’s history as a…
#1 - Chandra Feltus and Brent Mata of NEER Motion
Sep 4 • 43 min
On the Season 1 premiere of Booked On Syngency, Cody Jones sits down Chandra Feltus (Director, Artist Manager, Partner) and Bent Mata (Founder & Managing Partner) of NEER Motion in their Hollywood, CA office as they explain what NEER is and what they do…