Software Sessions

Software Sessions
Practical conversations about software development..

Building Scalable Systems Safely in Ruby with Samuel Williams
Nov 6 • 90 min
Samuel Williams explains the difference between concurrency and parallelism, the dangers of writing multi-threaded code, how languages like Node, Go, and Erlang safely handle parallelism, and how to build scalable systems safely.
How the Ruby Runtime Works with Aaron Patterson
Oct 24 • 69 min
Aaron Patterson introduces ruby runtime internals including details on its virtual machine, global interpreter lock, JIT compiler, and the complexities of building a compacting garbage collector.
Pod Hunt and Side Projects with Mubashar Iqbal
Oct 10 • 57 min
Mubs shares strategies for building successful side projects, how they differ from professional projects, and explains how he built Pod Hunt, an app for discovering podcasts
How to Teach Programming with Felienne
Sep 27 • 61 min
Felienne discusses teaching programming to kids by saying code out loud, the user experience of spreadsheets, the role of a computer science education, and her experience as a professor, conference speaker, and podcaster.
How HTTP Works with Julia Evans
Sep 16 • 72 min
Julia Evans explains all things HTTP, the need for intermediate level educational materials, the importance of fundamentals, writing to an audience, the zine format, and working on education professionally.
Rust in Production with Armin Ronacher
Sep 13 • 61 min
Armin Ronacher talks about getting into Rust, when to use it, writing rust extensions for python, building web applications with actix, creating debugging libraries, and the Rust ecosystem.