Too Long; Didn't Read

Too Long; Didn't Read
The TLDR Team tackle some of the biggest issues in UK, European, US & Global politics - discussing things which could never be covered in 10 minute YouTube Videos. Unfortunately the countries with shoes don’t make an apperance.

The Great Brexit Railroad
Oct 20 • 69 min
In this episode Jack, Ben and Zac attempt to discuss the Saturday sitting of Parliament, some wholesome news and a tonne of Ben’s railroads
The Queen’s Speech & Extinction Rebellion
Oct 15 • 44 min
In this episode Jack, Ben and Zac discuss the latest brexit chaos, Extinction Rebellion and the Queen’s Speech
Conferences & Court Rulings
Sep 24 • 76 min
In this episode Ben and Zach discuss the Supreme Court’s ruling on Johnson’s advice to the Queen; the Labour Party Conference; the Liberal Democrat Party Conference and breakfasts (again)!
The Fun Episode
Sep 19 • 88 min
Jack and Ben go through what the listeners think will happen in an upcoming election and answer some questions about politics, TLDR News and breakfasts! Timecode for the Q&A section - 0:37:28
Pacts, Speeches & Court Rulings
Sep 16 • 64 min
Jack and Ben discuss the Scottish High Court’s verdict over parliament’s prorogation; Boris Johnson’s Rotherham speech; Nigel Farage’s failed electoral pact and the People’s Prime Minister’s Questions.
Parliament is Over Party
Sep 10 • 43 min
Jack, Zac and Ben discuss the chaos in Parliament in the hours before Johnson shut it down. They discuss the most recent attempt to call a general election, the Grieve Motion, prorogation and the other paths forward the PM has from here.
The Triple Failure
Sep 5 • 35 min
Jack, Zac and Ben react to the latest parliamentary votes; discussing the Benn Bill, Johnson’s attempt to call a general election of Javid’s Spending Update.
Running Down The Majority
Sep 4 • 26 min
Jack and Zac react to the latest goings on in Parliament, and discuss the likelihood of Tory success in the potential General Election.