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031 How to Create a Reader Funnel with Derek Murphy
May 20 • 69 min
Episode Show Notes Today’s podcast is with Derek Murphy. We’re talking about how to create a reader funnel, what one is, how to create it and why it’s key to developing a fan base.This week’s questions is:What kind of content do you put in your reader…
030 How to Combat Self-Doubt for Writers with Sarah Painter
May 13 • 63 min
Episode Show NotesThis week’s questions is: How do you battle imposter syndrome and self-doubt?Book recommendation this week Marketing Rebellion by Mark SchaeferAmazon UK: USA:’t forget The Anatomy…
029 How to Sell More Books on Kobo with Joni Di Placido
May 6 • 40 min
Episode Show NotesThis week’s questions is:What wide marketing tricks do you use?The book recommendation this week is The Anatomy of Prose by ME! The textbook and workbook are available all bookstores now.Click the link here.Preorder the Workbook…
028 10 Lessons from One Year of Writing Full-Time
May 2 • 39 min
No show notes this week, if you want to see the blog post with the photos mentioned, you can catch that here:
027 How to Write Suspense with Christina Kaye
Apr 29 • 37 min
Show Notes: Rebel Author Podcast episode 27.Today’s podcast is with Christina Kaye we’re talking about thrillers and how to write suspense in your novels.We talk about:The pillars of creating suspense and tension in your storySentence level tricks for…
026 How to Bootstrap Your Marketing with Barry Hutchison
Apr 22 • 52 min
Episode Show NotesThis week’s questions is:What is your best free or cheap marketing tip?You can preorder The Anatomy of Prose ebook and paperback on all bookstores now.Click the link here.***LISTEN TO NEXT LEVEL AUTHORS PODCASTWatch on YouTube…
025 How to Network for Introverts and Authors with Daniel Parsons
Apr 15 • 52 min
Episode Show NotesThis week’s questions is:How do you network?You can preorder The Anatomy of Prose digitally on all bookstores now.Click the link here.Book recommendation this week is Networking for Authors by Daniel ParsonsKobo Amazon UKAmazon USAFind…
024 How to Get an Amazing Book Cover with Andrew and Bec Brown
Apr 8 • 65 min
Episode Show NotesThis week’s questions is:Should you judge a book by its cover?You can preorder The Anatomy of Prose digitally on all bookstores now.Click the link here.Find out more about Design for Writers:Website: Facebook:…
023 How to Write for Audio with Jules Horne
Apr 1 • 53 min
Episode Show NotesThis week’s question is:What is the best book you’ve read this year?Book recommendation this week is our lovely guest Jules Horne’s Writing for Audiobooks: Audio-First for Flow and ImpactKobo Amazon UKAmazon USAFind out more about Jules…
022 Five Takeaways from Mark Dawson’s SPS Live Conference
Mar 27 • 22 min
Episode Show Notes10 Business models article: Author Podcast episode 11 on finance, money and debt with Zach Bohannon…
021 How to Get Your Book into Libraries with Mark Lefebvre
Mar 24 • 71 min
Episode Show NotesThis Episode is Sponsored by Kobo Writing LifeThis Week’s Question is:Where do you get your books? Do you buy them online, which store? Do you go to physical indie stores? Big chain stores, libraries? Somewhere else?The book…
020 How to Craft the Perfect Character with Damon Suede
Mar 18 • 77 min
Episode Show NotesThis Week’s Question looks at the personal branding side of the interview today. So I’m interested in your personal verb.What is your verb?The book recommendation of the week is VERBALIZE by Damon SuedeKobo Amazon UKAmazon USAThe Rebel…
019 How to Write and Publish Illustrated Children’s Books with Karen Ferreira
Mar 11 • 51 min
Episode Show NotesPre-order The Anatomy of Prose (currently only live on Amazon, other stores are coming soon)Amazon UKAmazon USAFind out more about Karen Ferreira on her:Website www.getyourbookillustrations.comInstagram The download for the things to…
018 How to Structure a Novel with J Thorn
Mar 4 • 41 min
Episode Show NotesThis week’s question is: What’s your favorite podcast? Hit me with your faves, drop links, give them some love.Don’t forget I’m joining Jenna Moreci and Meg LaTorre on the iWriterly YouTube channel TONIGHT (March 4th2020 at 3:00 pm EST)…
017 What Should Writers Quit? with Becca Syme
Feb 26 • 60 min
Episode Show NotesThis episode is sponsored by Kobo Writing Life. Find out more about the Kobo Writing Life platform for authors here. Read the Kobo Writing Life blog here. Listen to the Kobo Writing Life podcast for authors here.THIS WEEK’S QUESTION…
016 How to Improve Your Writing with Gabriela Pereira
Feb 19 • 74 min
Episode Show NotesGabriela’s LIVE webinar called How to Survive and Succeed as a Writer (without Breaking Your Heart or Losing Your Mind). This webinar will be on Tuesday, February 25th @ 1pm Eastern Time. Here’s the blurb for the…
015 Multiple Streams of Income for Authors With Rachael Herron
Feb 12 • 72 min
Episode Show NotesFind out more about Rachael Herron on her:WebsitePatreonInstagramThe Writer’s Well PodcastHow do You Write PodcastThis week’s question is:What do you do for self care?The book of the week this week is mentioned in the podcast. It’s…
014 How to Write Romance with Kris Kennedy
Feb 5 • 50 min
Episode Show NotesFind more about Today’s guest Kris Kennedy To watch the Romance Writers Summit, click here: Please note, that is an…
013 How to Write Diverse Characters with Joan Dempsey
Jan 29 • 60 min
Episode Show NotesFind out more about Joan DempseyOn her websiteFacebookTwitterIn her monthly giveawayThis week’s question is:Who is your favorite diverse character or what is your favorite diverse book?Mine is this week’s book recommendation: Dreadnought…
012 Pay it Forward Marketing, Business Planning and Crafting Emotions with Angela Ackerman
Jan 22 • 71 min
Hello and welcome to episode 12 of The Rebel Author Podcast. Today I am joined by Angela Ackerman and we’re talking pay it forward marketing, business planning and crafting emotions.More About Angela AckermanFind her books here:…
011 Authors and Money: How to Quit Your Day Job and Write Full-Time with Zach Bohannon
Jan 15 • 48 min
Show NotesEpisode questions:1. Do you read the show transcript?2. What one thing you’re going to do to better your financial situation after listening to this podcast?More about our guest, Zach Bohannon:Website - www.zachbohannon.comThe Career Author:…
010 How to Be an Author on Youtube with Jenna Moreci
Jan 8 • 62 min
To find out more about Jenna:website: Patreon: Twitter: Instagram: her books:Kobo…
009 Sacha Goes Solo and Confesses Her ‘Goals’
Jan 1 • 22 min
Welcome to The Rebel Author Podcast episode nine where we interrupt the transmission for something a little different. Today, Sacha goes solo for the first time and confesses her quarterly goals in an attempt to be more productive! There’s also a surprise…
008 Amazon Ads for Authors with Bryan Cohen
Dec 18, 2019 • 48 min
Episode Show NotesWhat’s your 2019 reading goal? Did you hit it? How many books have you read this year? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @rebelauthorpodBook recommendation this week is Atomic Habits by James Clear get your copy on Amazon UK or…
007 Time Management for Writers with Katie Forrest
Dec 4, 2019 • 40 min
Show NotesRead my lessons learned from 6 months full-time writing here.Watch my interview with Jenna Moreci on how to go full-time as a writer here.I’ve just posted November’s exclusive Patreon post all about perfectionism, it’s destructive nature and…
006 How to DIY an Audiobook with Renee Conoulty
Nov 20, 2019 • 59 min
Welcome to episode six of the The Rebel Author Podcast where I’m talking to Renee Conoulty all about how indie authors can DIY an audiobook.The post 006 How to DIY an Audiobook with Renee Conoulty appeared first on SACHA BLACK.
005 – How to World Build for Fiction Authors
Nov 6, 2019 • 41 min
Hello and welcome back to The Rebel Author Podcast, I’m thrilled to host the lovely H.B Lyne today as we talk all about how to world build covering both fantasy and non-fantasy settings.The post 005 – How to World Build for Fiction Authors appeared first…
004 – How To Self-Edit With Kristina Stanley
Oct 23, 2019 • 50 min
Hello and welcome back to episode four of The Rebel Author Podcast. I am so excited for this interview. When I was transcribing the interview, I found myself taking loads of notes. Kristina is an absolute editing whizz and shows you how to self-edit…
003 – How to Market Nonfiction Books With Boni Wagner-Stafford
Oct 9, 2019 • 54 min
Welcome back to the third Rebel Author Podcast episode. Today, I talk to Boni Wagner-Stafford about nonfiction and specifically how to market nonfiction books. Though if you’re a fiction author, I think you’ll still gain a huge amount of insight and ideas…
002 – Co-writing for Indie Authors with Dan Willcocks
Sep 25, 2019 • 41 min
In episode two of the Rebel Author Podcast I talk to Dan Willcocks all about co-writing for indie authors and how it can revolutionize your business.The post 002 – Co-writing for Indie Authors with Dan Willcocks appeared first on SACHA BLACK.
001 – The Indie Author Mindset with Adam Croft
Sep 25, 2019 • 54 min
Welcome to the first official episode of the Rebel Author Podcast where I talk to Adam Croft about all things indie author mindset, wide marketing and a sprinkling of banter.The post 001 – The Indie Author Mindset with Adam Croft appeared first on SACHA…
000 – The Rebel Author Podcast
Sep 5, 2019 • 4 min
Hey guys, I’m absolutely delighted to announce the launch of The Rebel Author Podcast. This is episode 0, an introduction if you like to the podcast and what you can expect from the show. I’ll be launching regular episodes at the end of the month. For…