The PILL Podcast

The PILL Podcast
Presented by UK Healthcare, an introduction to the Kentucky Regional Extension Center’s discussion of Quality Improvement

6: Dr. James Keck - Preventive Medicine and Understanding Prediabetes
Nov 20 • 37 min
Interview with Dr. James Keck on programs to assist people who have been diagnosed with prediabetes.
5: Hank Kerschen - Accountable Care Organizations
Oct 3 • 56 min
Hank Kerschen of St. Elizabeth Healthcare discusses Accountable Care Organizations
4: Dr. Ken Wilson - Quality Leader
Sep 12 • 75 min
Dr. Wilson has years of experience leading complex implementation efforts. He provides unique insight from a strategic perspective of change in a large health system within a competitive marketplace.
Bonus Episode: QPP Year 3
Sep 12 • 29 min
In this special bonus episode of The PILL Podcast, Trudi Matthews interviews two of Kentucky Regional Extension Center’s subject matter experts, Robin Huffman and Kelly Fountain.
3: Dr. Roberto Cardarelli - Quality Improvement Guru
Sep 12 • 18 min
Dr. Roberto Cardarelli, Chief of the Division of Population Medicine and Chair of the Department of Family and Community Medicine at UK HealthCare is a Quality Improvement Guru.
2: Dr. Chris Yost - A Physician’s Perspective
Sep 12 • 43 min
In this episode of the PILL podcast, we interview Dr. Chris Yost, Medical Director for Ambulatory Quality at UK HealthCare, Assistant Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine, and Co-Chair of the UK HealthCare MACRA steering committee.
1: Karen Ditsch - Reluctant Convert
Sep 12 • 40 min
In the first full length episode of The PILL Podcast, Karen Ditsch, CEO of Juniper Health in Eastern Kentucky, tells you about her own journey in becoming a quality improvement star.
What is The PILL Podcast?
Aug 8 • 7 min
Physicians, Innovators, and Leaders Learning