Watchmen Watch

Watchmen Watch
A podcast all about Watchmen, including the HBO TV series, the comic, and the movie, from Comic Book Club.

#4, “Watchmaker”
Sep 19 • 34 min
In what could be Watchmen’s first standalone issue, “Watchmaker” jumps through time to show us the past, present, and potentially future of Dr. Manhattan. Does Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ most powerful character have emotions? Is he amoral, immoral, or…
#3, “The Judge Of All The Earth”
Sep 16 • 36 min
Who likes pirates? Everybody, as issue #3 of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen, “The Judge of All the Earth,” introduces the incredible juxtaposition of “Tales of the Black Freighter.” Meanwhile, Dr. Manhattan deals with several surprising setbacks,…
#2, “Absent Friends”
Sep 12 • 31 min
It’s time for Eddie Blake’s funeral, and everyone is having fond memories about the departed Comedian. Just kidding, he was a monster, as we discover through flashbacks and stories. But how much does the extremely non-comedic Comedian represent America?…
#1, “At Midnight, All the Agents…”
Sep 9 • 24 min
Our Watchmen podcast kicks off in earnest as we break down the first issue of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ seminal comic book series, “At Midnight, All the Agents…” Spoilers abound, but find out more about the structure behind the issue, Easter eggs, and…
Watchmen Watch: Preview
Sep 5 • 15 min
Who watches HBO’s Watchmen? We do! In the preview episode of our Watchmen podcast, Alex, Justin and Pete discuss their experience with Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ classic graphic novel, their thoughts on the movie version and predictions for the TV show,…