The Awakened Podcast

The Awakened Podcast
A dose of dynamic dharma that embraces the timeless wisdom in all traditions with Zen Master e.

Better for Being Broken
Oct 13 • 19 min
We don’t believe that we’re better for being broken. We believe that we are flawed beyond repair. We believe that if people would see the truth of who we are that they wouldn’t love us, talk to us, connect with us, care with us. That the story of who we…
I’ll Remember For You
Oct 5 • 18 min
It doesn’t matter what the world is presenting us. It doesn’t matter what a person is showing us. When we’re in that heart space, there are no sides. There’s just love and understanding and that feeling of warmth and fullness. And that people are showing…
Mojito Mind
Sep 29 • 31 min
In this episode we look at instincts, what it means to live a good human life by today’s standards and how instincts change once we’re on the Dharmic path. When we hit the Dharmic path, we start to see how we’re ruled by these primal instincts, primal…
Nothing Special Whatsoever
Sep 23 • 18 min
We want to make it special. We want to create a divide. It can’t be doing the dishes, right? It has to be natural. Nothing special whatsoever. One of my teachers in the Tibetan tradition - that was one of the first things out of his mouth, “Just be…
Everyday Miracles
Sep 15 • 20 min
You’re missing it. It’s right here but you’re missing it. Life is amazing! Miracles are every moment. The practice opens us up because it frees us from ourselves. Because we’re bearing down on each moment with our wants, with our don’t wants, with our…
Pub Life is Dharma Life
Sep 7 • 26 min
zen master e answers questions about reconciling old friendships after practicing the dharma, what is identity, the nature of mind and Bodhisattva action and insight. We may have some subtle biases about what it means to be Buddhists, or practitioners or…
Giving It Up to the Buddha
Sep 1 • 23 min
Give it up to the Buddha. To that greater aspect of ourselves. Then the wisdom will come through right there in that moment. We give it up but not that we’re giving it up to get away. Like to run away. We want to be fully in it. Even more so. But to be in…
Where Do I Start?
Aug 25 • 38 min
Zen Master E answers the question that we’ve all had at one point in our spiritual journey - Where do I start? He clarifies and helps to put to rest the matter of practice and of your innate Buddha Nature.