The Leader Equation

The Leader Equation
Join Linzee Ciprani (CEO of Round Table Real Estate & Ciprani Consulting) and Christy Belt Grossman (CEO of Ops Boss Coaching) for our podcast all about the Entrepreneur- Leader relationship. We chat with Owners, Founders, CEOs, Sales Leaders, COOs, Op…

#30 The Leader Equation Podcast - Matt Miale and Allison Dahlman (The Miale Team/REProfit)
Jul 17 • 59 min
Matt Miale and his Director of Client Care Allison Dahlman of The Miale Team and join Linzee and Christy to discuss all things leadership amidst COVID and more!
#29 The Leader Equation Podcast - Noah Ostroff and Jeremy Bowers (KW Philly)
Jul 9 • 62 min
On this episode of the Leader Equation, Linzee and Christy interview Noah Ostroff and his partner in KW Philly Jeremy Bowers! They discuss all things leadership during Covid-19. This duo has attracted some of the best in the business into their office….
#28 The Leader Equation Podcast - Nick Baldwin and Tristan Ahumada (Lab Coat Agents)
Jun 16 • 61 min
Linzee and Christie are back with Nick Baldwin and Tristan Ahumada from Lab Coat Agents to discuss Leadership in the midst of the Covid-19 and the most recent Protests. They’ve been leading together for 6 years and have multiple businesses and multiple…
#27 The Leader Equation Podcast - Veronica Figueroa and Chris Anuszewski (The Figueroa Team)
Jun 8 • 62 min
Linzee and Christie chat with Veronica Figueroa and her VP of Operations Chris Anuszewski. They discuss Leadership in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis. They’ve been together 2 ½ years and have so much to share about leadership. Their team sells 400+…
#26 The Leader Equation Podcast - Peter Chabris and Mellissa Andre (The Chabris Group)
May 4 • 60 min
On this episode of The Leader Equation, Christy Belt Grossman and Linzee Ciprani will interview the talented duo of Peter Chabris and his Director of Operations Mellissa Andre. 🦄They’ve been working together now for over 7 months. A lot of their…
#25 The Leader Equation Podcast - Wendy Papasan and Angie Hanna (Papasan Properties Group)
May 1 • 59 min
Join Christy Belt Grossman and Linzee Ciprani as they interview Wendy Papasan and her DOO Angie Hanna. Wendy leads real estate teams in Austin and Houston, Texas as well as Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN and St. Louis, MO. After just 9 years in the business,…
#24 The Leader Equation Podcast - Gaurav Gambir and Kate Gledhill (The Condo Shops) [Covid-19 Lockdown]
May 1 • 46 min
Christy Belt Grossman and Linzee Ciprani interview 2 amazing leaders: Gaurav Gambhir and his Operations Director Kate Gledhill. Gaurav is a serial Entrepreneur as the Owner and Executive Director of The Condo Shop managing over 80 Real Estate Agents,…
#22 The Leader Equation Podcast - Leadership When It Counts: Live From the Epicenter with Vija Williams
May 1 • 60 min
ENTREPRENEURS - This might be the most important broadcast we’ve ever done. This is be relevant to many, and we received questions about how we’re leading in the midst of this chaos. Vija Williams is the Director of Growth of Ben Kinney Brokerages, and…
#21 The Leader Equation Podcast - Lance and Karina Loken with Leadership Team (The Loken Group)
May 1 • 61 min
Join Christy Belt Grossman and Linzee Ciprani as they interview the Loken Group. You’ve heard the saying, “Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.” We deep dive into that thought with Lance Loken, Karina Rohrer Loken and a bunch of…
#23 The Leader Equation Podcast - Sarita Dua and Jered Noonan (Ask Sarita)
May 1 • 61 min
Sarita Lahoti Dua and her Listing Project Manager Jered Noonan join us to discuss their team dynamics (which are definitely different) & bring some great leadership advice in today’s crazy market. A little about Sarita: Sarita is based in Portland,…
#20 The Leader Equation Podcast - Jenny Wemert and Emily Tompkins Smith (Wemert Realty Group)
Apr 16 • 62 min
Join Christy and this week’s guest co-host Adelina Rotar as they interview the powerhourse team of Jenny Wemert and her COO Emily Tompkins Smith! They’re an amazing team that has done amazing things together, and we’re over the moon about interviewing…
#19 The Leader Equation Podcast - Mike Ferraro and Jess Rubin (The Leading Lifestyle Agent Real Estate Group)
Apr 15 • 55 min
Join Linzee Ciprani (flying solo) as she interviews the serial entrepreneur Michael Ferraro and his Assistant Jess Rubin. We discuss how Jess helps manage Michael’s crazy schedule with a Luxury Real Estate brand, Coaching Company, Marketing Company and…
#17 The Leader Equation Podcast - Jennifer Schiff (The Schiff Home Team)
Apr 15 • 59 min
Jennifer Schiff joins Linzee Ciprani & Christy Belt Grossman to kick off the New Year! Jen Schiff has led multiple businesses. She has helped to build a number of start ups. She is co-owner with her amazing husband Michael J. Schiff of The Schiff…
#18 The Leader Equation Podcast - Jon Pugh and Anita Cruz (The Pugh Group)
Apr 15 • 61 min
Join Christy Belt Grossman and Linzee Ciprani as they interview Jon Pugh and his Director of Operations Anita Cruz. They’re a force together and you’ll see why in this episode. We ask them questions like: How did they choose each other to be in business…
#16 The Leader Equation Podcast - Haro Setian and Kayla Slice (The Haro Group)
Jan 19 • 63 min
Profit, does it matter? Yes it does…
#13 The Leader Equation Podcast - Skye and Eliza Michiels (Real Estate with Heart powered by Compass)
Jan 19 • 56 min
On this episode of The Leader Equation, Christy Belt Grossman and Linzee Ciprani interview Eliza Michiels and Skye Michiels from Real Estate With Heart- Compass. Learn how they’ve worked together as Brother and Sister. Learn about their struggles, wins…
#15 The Leader Equation Podcast - Kris Bertagnolli and Stephanie Brackett (The Anderson Hick Group)
Jan 19 • 59 min
2 teams combine to double their production and fun!
#14 The Leader Equation - David Osborn and Matt King (Magnify Capital)
Jan 19 • 57 min
Experience the COVENANT relationship between David Osborn and his DOO Matt King
#12 The Leader Equation Podcast - Felicia Keith Jones and Sabrina Sanders (High Mark Distillery)
Jan 18 • 61 min
When you combine brains, beauty & booze - you get a really fun podcast!
#10 The Leader Equation Podcast - Nicole Burnett and Kourtney Sanders (Burnette Real Estate Co.)
Dec 10, 2019 • 59 min
Taming the wild beast!
#9 The Leader Equation Podcast - Jillene Snell and Vija Williams (Ben Kinney Companies)
Dec 10, 2019 • 63 min
Leadership is lonely but not when you partner with great people.
#11 The Leader Equation Podcast - Jeff Cohn and Andy Kueny (Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group)
Dec 3, 2019 • 43 min
Jeff Cohn and Andy Kueny of Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group
#7 The Leader Equation Podcast - Len Schwartz and Shelly Seidemann (Len Schwartz Team)
Oct 23, 2019 • 61 min
The DISC is backwards for these two amazing partners. Find out how.
#6 The Leader Equation Podcast - Jeff Quintin and Scott Bluth (The Quintin Group)
Oct 23, 2019 • 55 min
Jeff Quintin and Scott Bluth on growing a team and the communication challenges that go hand in hand.
#8 Leader Equation Podcast - Daniel Ramsey and Megan Patterson (MyOutDesk)
Oct 23, 2019 • 61 min
The virtual assistant company that is giving all over the world!
#5 The Leader Equation Podcast - Matt Fetick and Rachel Gosselin (The Matt Fetick Team)
Sep 15, 2019 • 56 min
Matt and Rachel discuss their communication issues and more and how they’ve worked together for 9 years to build their team.
#3 The Leader Equation Podcast - Rock Thomas and Ken Eslick (M1 & Rock Thomas International)
Sep 2, 2019 • 65 min
Ken Eslick has taken over most of the leadership within the m1 organization so that Rock Thomas can continue to stay in his lane as visionary. Find out how in this episode.
#4 The Leader Equation Podcast - Mickey Pascarella and Jason Conner (The Mickey Pascarella Group)
Sep 2, 2019 • 60 min
Find out how Jason helped Mickey double their production within 2 years.
#2 The Leader Equation Podcast - Sarah Reynolds and DOO Jen Wade (The Reynolds Team)
Sep 2, 2019 • 62 min
Sarah Reynolds and Jennifer Wade have grown the Reynolds Team from serving 152 families to this year serving over 800 families in 4.5 years. Find out how….