Dads 'n Dragons

Dads 'n Dragons
What happens when a 40-year-old who grew up on role-playing games sits down to play with his kids? Welcome to Dads ‘n Dragons, a live-play D&D podcast in the world of Ravnica. I’ve always wanted to share this hobby with my kids, and when the time c…

Ep.10: Around the Gruul Guildgate
Nov 13 • 48 min
Turlen gets a request for aid from his neice, Fifiline, but it leads into the dangerous Gruul lands known as the Rubblebelt.
Ep.9: The War of the Spark Part 3/3
Nov 5 • 59 min
Yarven tries to save some civilians, Skylar tries to save Yarven, Turlen tries to save the whole group, and Zofvys saves… Ravnica? Find out in this episode!
Ep.8: The War of the Spark Part 2
Oct 22 • 45 min
Our heroes stand in awe as they realize legendary dragon Nicol Bolas has brought war to Ravnica.
Ep.7: The War of the Spark Part 1
Oct 14 • 48 min
Invasion! Zofvys, Skylar, and Yarven enlist the help of dwarven cleric, Turlen, to save innocent citizens from zombie marauders.
Ep.6: Krenko’s Command
Oct 8 • 35 min
Krenko is determined not to go back to prison, so it’s going to take the skills of all three heroes to keep him from getting away.
Ep.5: Goblin Grenade
Sep 30 • 41 min
The trap to capture Krenko is sprung! Can Zofvys hold out until help arrives?
Ep.4: Tin Street Hooligans
Sep 23 • 54 min
The gang convinces Falish to lead them to the shipment drop-off so they can finally meet Krenko, but things don’t go as smoothly as they plan.
Ep.3: Good Cop, Bad Cop, Ugly Cop
Sep 18 • 42 min
Our unlikely trio of heroes accepts a mission off to find Krenko, a goblin mob boss, and bring him back to justice.
Ep.2: I fought the law…
Sep 2 • 36 min
The gang gets out of a sticky situation, gets to know each other a little better, and gets a new mission from a mysterious official.
Ep.1: A funny thing happened…
Sep 1 • 45 min
A Goblin, a Minotaur, and a Tiefling walk into a coliseum in Ravnica, but the fights get interrupted for something much bigger.