Footsteps for Freedom

Footsteps for Freedom
A celebration of the backwoodsmen from North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia who marched to Kings Mountain and defeated a Loyalist force, resulting in what Thomas Jefferson called the turning point int he American Revolution.

15 - The Summer of 1780 Campaign - Part I
Sep 20 • 6 min
We begin our look at the Battle of Kings Mountain with a review of several battles and skirmishes that took place in the summer of 1780. This is the first of a two-part episode about these battles. Today we discuss the Battles of Fort Thicketty and…
14 - Patrick Ferguson
Sep 19 • 5 min
Today’s episode is about the one individual who would be considered the villain in our story, but it is more complicated than that. Major Patrick Ferguson was a noted officer in the British army, and even invented a rifle that was named after him, but…
13 - John Sevier
Sep 18 • 6 min
Probably more than any other, John Sevier is synonymous with the Battle of Kings Mountain. A flamboyant politician, solider, and statesman, Sevier was a driving force in organizing and leading the charge against Patrick Ferguson and the Tories.
12 - Jonathan Tipton
Sep 17 • 6 min
The beauty of the virtually untouched wilderness that the Overmountain Men saw as they marched through the Toe River Valley on their way to King’s Mountain must have been quiet stunning. One of these soldiers, Major Jonathan Tipton, returned to the valley…
11 - William Campbell
Sep 16 • 5 min
William Campbell and his forces from southwestern Virginia were considered to be tough, rugged mountaineers who were perfect soldiers for a battle like Kings Mountain.
10 - Quaker Meadows Joseph McDowell
Sep 13 • 7 min
One of the more confusing aspects of American Revolutionary War History is how different individuals may have the same name and even fight in the same battle. Such is the case with “Quaker” Joseph McDowell, a major who led one of the forces at the Battle…
9 - Benjamin Cleveland
Sep 12 • 6 min
Benjamin Cleveland was one of the more colorful characters that fought in the Battle of Kings Mountain. He led forces organized in Wilkes County as part of the Patriot army gathered to battle Patrick Ferguson.
8 - Joseph Dobson
Sep 11 • 5 min
Today, we are discussing Joseph Dobson who, while not a leader of men at the Battle of Kings Mountain, had a significant role in the campaign and exerted substantial influence in the Toe River Valley after the war.
7 - Isaac Shelby
Sep 10 • 6 min
We begin preparations for the Battle of Kings Mountain by presenting brief biographies of military leaders and significant local individuals over the next few episodes. Today, we begin with one of the main organizers of the Overmountain Men: Isaac Shelby.
6 - Dragging Canoe
Sep 9 • 6 min
The name Dragging Canoe struck fear in the hearts of early settlers in what was then Western North Carolina (now Eastern Tennessee). Considered by historians to be the greatest Cherokee military mind; he led raiding parties that attacked settlements for…
5 - The Cherokee Wars
Sep 6 • 9 min
The threat of Native American attacks on the Southern Appalachian region’s settlers was of great concern as the American Revolution began. Following the Declaration of Independence in 1776, tribes began to choose sides in the conflict. The Cherokees cast…
4 - King George III
Sep 5 • 5 min
While there were many individuals, groups, and policies that led to the American Revolution, the figurehead that many pin the strife to for starting the war would be King George the Third, also known as George William Frederick. He ruled England from…
3 - The Dangerous Frontier
Sep 4 • 7 min
Life in the mountainous region of Western North Carolina, Eastern Tennessee, and Southwestern Virginia was fraught with peril in the American Colonies in the 1700s. In addition to small settlements and danger from disease, attacks on the settlers by…
2 - The Proclamation of 1763
Sep 3 • 5 min
Today, we explore the beginnings of the American Revolution by discussing King George III’s Proclamation of 1763, one of the overlooked triggers that helped provoke hostilities 12 years later.
Footsteps for Freedom 1 - Trouble Brews in the Back Country
Sep 2 • 5 min
The Revolutionary War in the American Colonies was just over 5 years old in 1780 and things weren’t going well for the British. With the loss at Saratoga, New York and concerns with the French entering the Patriot side, the Redcoats turned their attention…
Sep 1 • 0 min
The Mitchell County, North Carolina Historical Society presents the story of a ragtag group of backwoodsmen from North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia who, after threats made to their homes and livelihood by British Major Patrick…