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Start HBS
Conversations between Harvard Business School students and folks who have been on audacious journeys building meaningful ventures. A podcast by the HBS Entrepreneurship Club.

Jason Calacanis - Legendary Angel Investor
Mar 30 • 32 min
Jad Esber (MBA 2020) and Bryce DeFigueiredo (MBA 2021) talk to Jason Calacanis. Jason is an entrepreneur and legendary angel investor. In the dot-com era, he started a company called Weblogs, Inc., which he sold to AOL. Later, he got into angel investing…
Eric Paley - Founder Collective
Feb 15 • 50 min
Jad Esber (MBA 2020) speaks with Eric Paley (MBA 2003) about his career as a startup founder and venture capitalist. Eric is a managing partner at Founder Collective, an early stage venture fund in Boston. In this episode, Eric tells stories from his days…
Karen Mills - Obama Administration, Harvard Business School
Dec 22, 2019 • 34 min
Today’s guest is Karen Mills, a professor at the TEM (The Entrepreneurial Manager) unit at Harvard Business School. Karen was the administrator of the US Small Business Administration from 2009 to 2013, serving as a member of President Obama’s Cabinet.…
Joel Peterson - JetBlue, Peterson Partners
Oct 28, 2019 • 31 min
In today’s episode, we speak with Joel Peterson, current chairman of JetBlue and Professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Joel’s career got a big boost from being the CEO and CFO of the world’s largest real estate development company, after…
Matt Oppenheimer - Remitly
Sep 30, 2019
Alex Spencer (MBA 2021) and Bryce DeFigueiredo (MBA 2021) talk to Matt Oppenheimer (MBA 2009), co-founder and CEO of Remitly. Remitly is the largest digital remittances company in the world. They transform the lives of immigrants and their families by…
Warren Hogarth - Sequoia Capital And Empower
Sep 22, 2019
Bryce DeFigueiredo (MBA 2021) and Alex Spencer (MBA 2021) talk to Warren Hogarth (MBA 2008), former partner at Sequoia Capital and current co-founder and CEO of Empower. Empower is a fintech startup whose mission is to empower consumers to retake control…
Navid Nathoo - The Knowledge Society
Sep 6, 2019
Alex Spencer (MBA 2021) and Rahim Noormohamed (MBA 2021) talk to Navid Nathoo, co-founder of The Knowledge Society. The Knowledge Society is a human accelerator designed for students age 13-17. Their mission is to build the next generation of global…
Ben Lyon - Hover
Aug 31, 2019
Alex Spencer (MBA 2021) and Bryce (MBA 2021) talk to Ben Lyon, co-founder and CEO of Hover. Hover is a fintech startup that enables developers to integrate with any mobile money service worldwide in an afternoon. We cover Ben’s background and journey to…