Two Roads Travelled

Two Roads Travelled
This podcast is about raising awareness about the impact of alcohol misuse on families, educating everyone about alcohol addiction, discussing news and views to change perceptions and judgements. Changing and influencing social norms. Opening the conversation outside of the immediate issue and into society. There are no limits of discussion that we wouldn’t take part in and encourage others to do the same. Alcoholism needs to be an education to others. Jo and Paula are sisters who share the two roads they’ve travelled through alcohol misuse.

005 - Through the eyes of the drinker
Oct 13 • 43 min
Welcome to episode 5 of The Two Roads Travelled Podcast. Today you’ll get an alternative view of alcohol misuse, a different perspective maybe one you might not have heard before or that might make you second think an alcoholic. No one chooses this path,…
004 - The Sinclair Method
Sep 29 • 61 min
Welcome to episode 4 of the two roads travelled podcast. There has been a change to the schedule, this week Jo and Paula are chatting to Joanna from the C3 Foundation Europe. Today Paula and Jo will be talking with Joanna from the C3 Foundation European,…
003 - Impact of alcohol misuse on families
Sep 15 • 48 min
Welcome to episode 3 of the two roads travelled podcast. Today Paula and Jo will be chatting to Kevin Hempstead from KH Counselling, Kevin is a humanistic counsellor with extensive experience in addiction, childhood sexual abuse and bereavement, he works…
002 - Addiction and Prison
Sep 1 • 54 min
Welcome to episode 2 of the Two Roads Travelled podcast. In today’s show we’ll be looking at addiction in prison. Jo and Paula are excited to welcome Greg who shares his story of his addiction whilst being in prison, after years of living with his…
001 - What is alcohol misuse?
Aug 18 • 36 min
Paula and Jo talk about alcohol misuse in general, what it is, what it looks like, the impact and guests Paul and Harry share their views. Paul is a social drinker and Harry is a recovering alcoholic. Get in touch on Instagram: @johuey_acoa or follow on…
000 - Two Roads Travelled Introduction
Aug 18 • 14 min
Hello and welcome Jo and Paula are two sisters, who have experienced living with and being affected by alcohol and we had different ways of dealing with life and the complications it threw at us. Being at polar ends of our coping strategies, after many…