The Aquarian Spirals Podcast

The Aquarian Spirals Podcast
Musings on astrology, cosmology, practical woo, non-monogamy and general witchery. Your guide to love soaked revolution and paradigm shift. Hosted by Amanda Moreno - astrologer, soul worker and big time fan of practical woo. Support this podcast:

5: All About Shadow Integration Work & an Interview With Shannon Solie
Oct 18 • 45 min
This week, I start off with a discussion of what “shadow integration work” is and why it’s important. Part two (at 15:09) is the first in a series of interviews with local Seattle folks. I talk with Shannon Solie of - Healers…
4: My Life In Relationship, October Astro Roundup & Listener Question
Oct 4 • 40 min
This week is all things relationship. Get your bearings about why I have “non-monogamy” as a recurrent topic for this here podcast, get some blurbage about the month ahead and ways to work with the potential for frustration and volatility (starts at…
3: Saturn Direct & a Jupiter-Neptune Square
Sep 20 • 25 min
This week sees an announcement about the Global Climate Strike, and ponderings about the nature of Saturn, Capricorn, The Devil, the nature of evil, the importance of Flow as well as several technology glitches that just made your dear host throw her…
2: All Things Virgo, Magical Ethics and Dealing with World Stuff
Aug 30 • 34 min
This week, we’ll take a look at all things Virgo and the August 30 New Moon, magical ethics, fires in the Amazon and suggestions for practical and powerful rituals. Links from the show, as promised: Spell for the Amazon and our World/Secret of Brazil…
1: An Intro & An Aquarius Full Moon
Aug 15 • 39 min
In this inaugural episode of The Aquarian Spirals Podcast, I give you a little orientation — to who I am, where I’ve been and what you can expect from the ponderings I’ll be broadcasting semi-regularly. The episodes ends with a little Full Moon…