BROKEN: Jeffrey Epstein

BROKEN: Jeffrey Epstein
Jeffrey Epstein described himself as “radioactive”, and then he died in prison. But right before that, he was a friend and confidant of many of America’s most powerful politicians, billionaires, and entertainers, some of whom apparently shared a common interest: trafficking underaged girls. In “BROKEN: JEFFREY EPSTEIN” host Ariel Levy (The New Yorker) and Special Correspondent and Executive Producer Julie K. Brown (The Miami Herald) tell the full story of Epstein, his accomplices, and the broken systems that enabled his crimes.

E6: Life and Death at a Downtown Jail
Nov 7 • 40 min
Why Jeffrey Epstein’s death was nearly 50 years in the making – and what it tells us about our justice system.
E5: An Outsider’s Way In
Oct 24 • 55 min
Julie K. Brown wasn’t always a star investigative reporter. A look at the winding road to uncovering the Jeffrey Epstein story.
E4: Where the Strings Are
Oct 10 • 41 min
Two stories from women who were manipulated by Jeffrey Epstein — with very different results.
E3: In the Shadow of Towers
Sep 26 • 38 min
Before Bernie Madoff, there was the Towers Financial scandal, one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in U.S. history. And it was orchestrated with help from Jeffrey Epstein.
E2: Lady Ghislaine
Sep 12 • 29 min
No one is more important to the Jeffrey Epstein story than Ghislaine Maxwell.
E1: Their Day in Court
Sep 5 • 23 min
The criminal case died with Epstein. The hunt for his millions is just beginning.
Introducing Broken: Jeffrey Epstein
Aug 30 • 1 min
Julie K. Brown’s expose of Jeffrey Epstein launched hundreds of headlines. But the story isn’t over. “Broken: Jeffrey Epstein” is a new podcast from Three Uncanny Four Productions. New episodes, starting September 5th.