Generation Social Media

Generation Social Media
Millennials aren’t on Facebook, Baby Boomers don’t know how to use Snapchat, and Gen X is only active half of the time. As as a social media agency, we’ve heard it all and are here to challenge the status quo. You don’t have to be a millennial to be socially savvy. We believe anyone can join Generation Social Media. On each episode of the Generation Social Media Podcast, we share our philosophy on social media and are giving the tools and tactics to help you get there. At the end of each episode we’re highlighting a user’s social media use and how you can use social media to reach them.

Should Our B2B Business Be Posting On Our Personal Accounts Or Business LinkedIn Accounts
Oct 8 • 18 min
Everyone wants to connect with a person over a business. Beth Trejo, CEO of Chatterkick, shares the philosophy behind doubling down on your personal brand on LinkedIn. Don’t get it twisted, there’s still a major opportunity on leveraging your brand page…
How Do I Get My Employees To Engage With Us On Social Media
Sep 18 • 20 min
Employee Advocacy is what most businesses should be thinking about when they talk about influencer marketing and how amazing it is. If you don’t have a quality social community built out or you’re still trying to figure out your brand’s purpose, start…
How To Handle Customer Service And Response On Social Media
Aug 30 • 21 min
Social media provides the perfect catalyst to elevate customer service opportunities, resolve customers’ issues, and develop brand champions to make an impact on customer sentiment. Taking the time to listen and interact with your audience can set you…
Easy Wins To Set Your Social Media Up For Success
Aug 30 • 29 min
The social obstacles that businesses have to face when they are just starting their efforts on social media or launching a new brand or business can be tricky to navigate. We’re sharing tips on the foundations and best practices you need to know to make…
Hi, We’re Chatterkick!
Aug 30 • 26 min
CEO and Founder, Beth Trejo, tells Chatterkick’s origin story. From her very first Facebook post to growing an award-winning agency, Beth tells what she loves, obstacles she overcame, and her compassion and support for women-led businesses. —- Send in a…
Social Media Agency vs Building Internal Social Media Team
Aug 30 • 28 min
The world of social media as changed. Well, is changing. For a small to mid-sized businesses ready to step on the gas to their social strategy, the consideration of building a social team internally is enticing. But what makes an agency vs an internal…