The Buddhified Podcast

The Buddhified Podcast
Dear Author. Dear Emp[owe]ress. You’re doing good unto the world. Now you’re READY to grow your gift into an all-around nourishing business. The Buddhified Podcast is where cool guests and I spill the beans on mindfulness in marketing and business, wh

#8: Mindfulness in Action, Writing for the Greater Good, ft. Claire Culliford
Nov 18 • 47 min
Mindfulness in Action: How does the spark of inspiration translate into a life and business in service of the greater good? How do follow your calling and build a life around it? And why should you?
#7: Outsmart Entrepreneur Overwhelm, ft. Jo Naughton Part 2
Nov 11 • 53 min
A candid chat on how to decipher, outsmart, and overcome overwhelm.
#6: Outsmart Entrepreneur Overwhelm, ft. Jo Naughton Part 1
Nov 4 • 50 min
A candid chat on how to decipher, outsmart, and overcome overwhelm.
#5: Mindful Decision-Making, ft. Keltie Maguire
Oct 28 • 50 min
Building a business can sometimes feel like you’re the sole contestant in a neverending episode of “Who wants to be a Millionaire?”. Clarity coach Keltie and I talk mindful decision-making.
#4: Mindful Mantras
Oct 21 • 45 min
Do you have a quote, a mantra, something your grandma (or your kindergarten teacher) said that helps you carry on, keep your cool, keep your balance when lemon days happen?
#3: Nonviolent Communication, ft Kristal Fellinger
Oct 14 • 44 min
Nonviolent communication: concept, how to check your words, how to pitch with empathy.
#2: Mindfulness vs Business Mindset, ft. Susie Jackson
Oct 7 • 51 min
Mindfulness versus a business mindset, or defining your dream and staying motivated working towards your goals.
#1: Mindfulness meets Manifesto
Sep 30 • 22 min
My definition of mindfulness, what sparked my transition from over-busy entrepreneur to a Buddhified existence, and the questions to ask yourself if you’re ready for more mindfulness, joy, and abundance.
On Paths and Pivoting, ft. Lisa Carter
Aug 30 • 53 min
Do you dream of PIVOTING?What’s keeping you?You don’t need permission to LET GO - or do you?Are you getting caught on what could be, what should have been, and what was?Lisa Carter joins me for an honest conversation on professional and personal…
3 Steps to help you ditch Indecision, ft. Dr. Marina Bruni
Aug 26 • 72 min
Raise your hand if you’re an over-thinker! Are you constantly second-guessing yourself? Is entrepreneur overwhelm wearing you out? Do you find yourself caught up in analysis paralysis?This episode delivers REAL TALK on learning to decipher old programming…
Living on Purpose, ft. Jo Naughton
Aug 22 • 65 min
Join us for this REAL TALK about living on purpose and creating your happiest life.