Kill Confirmed

Kill Confirmed
Jon, Devon, Steve, & Chris from the ANTiFanboy Podcast revisit movies that they absolutely hated to find out if they were a bit too harsh originally or if it truly is a “KILL CONFIRMED”.

Kill Confirmed - Fantastic Four (2015)
Nov 26 • 81 min
Since most are getting together with their families for Thanksgiving, we decided we would get together with Marvel’s first family and see if Josh Trank’s take on the freaky foursome got any better over time… —- Send in a voice message:…
Halloween (2007)
Oct 21 • 79 min
“Trick or treat, baby!” We sit down with Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” to see if we were right to originally KILL this rebooted killer back in the day or maybe there is something special in this film that deserves some lenience. Special Live Audience ft.…
Maximum Overdrive
Oct 11 • 44 min
It’s October so we want to rewatch a little movie WRITTEN AND DIRECTED by Stephen King called “MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE”. In this film, machines and electronics become sentient and begin to KILL! Will this movie be redeemed or sent straight to HELL? Also we…
Spider-Man 3
Aug 31 • 55 min
On the first official episode of KILL CONFIRMED, we perform an audio autopsy on Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 to see if the film truly deserved our patented KILL rating back in 2007. Has time been kinder to this movie or is it still Spider-Trash? Featuring…
Justice League
Aug 19 • 45 min
On EPISODE ZERO of Kill Confirmed, we perform an audio autopsy on the 2017 big budget super hero fiasco known as “Justice League”. Back when it had originally come out, we had slapped a hard KILL on this movie over on the ANTiFanboy Podcast but we are…