The Master Lectures Podcast

The Master Lectures Podcast
We feature lectures on the Bible and theology from leading scholars.

Craig S. Keener | The Seven Churches of Revelation, Part 2
Oct 22 • 31 min
In this lecture, Craig S. Keener gives us a historical account of the seven churches in Revelation so we can understand who the church was then and who it is today. So that we might also heed Jesus’s warning to be prepared.
Craig S. Keener | The Seven Churches of Revelation, Part 1
Oct 15 • 32 min
In this lecture, Dr. Craig S. Keener talks about Jesus addressing seven churches; Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea in the book of Revelation. Jesus warned of false teachers and admonished the church for “losing its…
Mariam Kamell Kovalishyn | The book of James
Oct 8 • 21 min
In this lecture, Mariam Kamell Kovalishyn talks about the profound insights into the Christian life the book of James can offer. She suggests that James’ wisdom is born out of humility and that the book is highly pastoral, making it very relevant to…
Lynn Cohick | The Book of Philippians
Oct 1 • 28 min
In this lecture, Lynn Cohick discusses the Book of Philippians and the importance of unity within the church as stressed by Paul through his letters to the church in Philippi.
Michael F. Bird | The definition of theology
Sep 24 • 17 min
In this lecture, Michael Bird discusses the importance of being focused on the gospel as a means to shape one’s experience as a believer in Christ, but to also witness to the world what and who God is through the Gospel. He goes on to define the terms,…
Fred Sanders | The Trinity in the Old Testament
Sep 24 • 13 min
With words like mysterious, obscure, fascinating and unusual, Fred Sanders explores passages in the Old Testament in which God seems to be present in two ways at once. Emphasizing the beauty, he helps us to hold in awe God’s majestic revelation in the…
Nabeel Qureshi | Understanding Muslims
Sep 24 • 29 min
In this Lecture, Nabeel Qureshi seeks to help us understand more about practicing Muslims and their faith as an identity. Qureshi wants Christians to feel the freedom to discuss Apologetics with Muslims as they are taught at a very young age how to defend…
John Walton | How to approach the Old Testament
Aug 22 • 23 min
In this lecture, John helps us overcome the challenges we face when we read the Old Testament. We encounter obscure laws. We hear prophecies about people that don’t exist anymore. We read history that’s endless in its detail. In the next 30 minutes,…