Frame Your World Podcast

Frame Your World Podcast
A live-workshop style personal development podcast that exists to empower the everyday girl to frame her world well so that she can make a difference. Lean in to topics on how to foster better relationships, how to grow your career and business, how to bust stress, anxiety, mental health, and how to go after and achieve those dream goals in your heart. Featuring sit down chats, career stories, and more.

#4 World Mental Health Day. Why it’s important and how we can tackle it.
Oct 10 • 25 min
On World Mental Health Awareness Day I talk about some key facts from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and outline a few ways we can tackle some mental health issues in our own lives and what we can do to help others. For more info on me head over to…
Episode #3: Why it’s important to know your identity from social pressures
Sep 29 • 15 min
Today I sit down to talk about Identity and the importance of self awareness, and perspective when it comes to culture and humanity. Here I get fully transparent touching on some of my own childhood experiences, and comment on the ever growing challenges…
Episode #2 - How to step out of your comfort zone and overcome challenges on the way to achieving your dream
Aug 25 • 21 min
Today I sit down with entrepreneur Lupia Lwambano of Lupia Virtual Solutions and chat all things work life balance as Luipa shares from her experience in the service industry offering virtual solutions to entrepreneurs, businesses, and professionals. To…
Episode #1 - Work Life Balance With Special Guest Cassie - Jane Buckley
Aug 15 • 39 min
Do you struggle with work-life balance? Feel burnt out, or just looking for a boost of inspiration to help you move your career forward? I sit down with blogger, founder, landlady Cassie-Jane Buckley who is an all-round inspirational woman leading life…