Getting To Ramen

Getting To Ramen
Listen in as I navigate the slow SaaS ramp of death while asking for help along the way from people like Justin Jackson, Matt Wensing, and others who have gone before me….

Ben Orenstein of on building a fast-growing bootstrapped company
Nov 1 • 32 min
In this episode I talk to Ben Orenstein of and Art Of Product podcast about how years of building “social capital” with his audience has paid off with the “faster than expected” growth of Tuple.
Matt Wensing of on why you don’t need a co-founder and taking funding from TinySeed
Oct 25 • 43 min
In this episode Matt talks about why he’s chosen not to have a co-founder with his new company. He also talks about his experience with TinySeed and why he took funding right away.
Landon and Kyle of and on using continues customer feedback to inform product
Oct 18 • 33 min
Landon Bennet and Kyle Conarro recently hit $250K ARR with Userfeed and AdReform. We talk about their journey to profitability and how hard it really is to get there.
Mubashar Iqbal of PodHunt on building the company you want to work for
Oct 11 • 35 min
Mubs and I chat about learning to code, side projects (he’s built over 80 so far) and building the business you actually want to work for. We also talk about why he is building PodHunt; a leaderboard of the podcasts people are recommending.
Matt Wensing of on scaling Stormpulse pricing from $0/mo to $30k/mo
Oct 4 • 38 min
I had the privilege of chatting with Matt Wensing about his first company Stormpulse and how he evolved the freemium product through customer interviews until he was able to charge up-words of $30k/mo and eventually pivoting entirely into enterprise.
Justin Jackson of on why I’m not gaining traction
Sep 27 • 24 min
Justin Jackson reached out about why he felt Upscribe isn’t gaining the traction I had hoped for. We talk about why well-known writers and brands are leaving in droves, what I should do next, and whether business is right for me in the first…
Benedikt Deicke of on competing with Intercom in an established market
Sep 20 • 39 min
I had an awesome chat with Benedikt Deicke (co-founder of about his start in development at 15, initial experience building a SaaS company for metal bands, how he met his co-founders and formed, and how customer interviews have…
Going part time / building for everyone == building for no-one
Sep 15 • 7 min
Making a change! One that will affect Upscribe, and this podcast. I also reflect on my time in a rock band and how it has influenced the way I build software.
Product launches: Build first vs talk to customers first
Sep 4 • 13 min
After receiving some extremely appreciated listener feedback I go into more detail about how I started Upscribe following a failed project (that I also talk about) and the lessons learned. I also talk about the successful Product Hunt launch that brought…
Creating an emotional connection between your customer and your product
Aug 28 • 8 min
Customer service has become one of my favourite parts of running a small SaaS company. You learn so much about your product and what people are feeling when they use it. Here are a few examples how to turn an angry customer into a true fan or just truly…
Growing a startup and a young family and learning to take my time seriously
Aug 26 • 7 min
I’ve been doing a poor job lately of being present while with my family. In this episode I talk about some of the pressures of having a young family and trying to start a company as well as some of the benefits.
Why annual plans are a win win and I’m building features for nobody
Aug 23 • 10 min
In this episode I talk about my phone call with Corey Haines from Baremetrics ( and how he showed me how I’ve been building a bunch of features no one needs (as well as how to fix this). Then I really nerd out like a number-one-fan…
The downside to this “No Code” fad and lessons from a millionaire
Aug 20 • 7 min
This No Code fad has been huge. Tools like Bubble, WebFlow, etc. are killing it and changing the way we launch and build products. But there may be a cost I think most people aren’t thinking about. I also talk about a conversation I had with a…
Why MRR is a deceiving metric and my 2 year old thinks I don’t love him
Aug 19 • 7 min
Balancing a day job, a family, and a side project can be a rollercoaster of emotion. So are revenue analytics. I talk about these (while trying to say “umm” less), how founders are addicted to checking their baremetrics dashboard, and a more (not a lot…
The future of “growth hacking”
Aug 19 • 9 min
Wistia, Basecamp,…companies that are run by teams who actually need and use the product they build. Here’s another rant about the advantages of being your own customer and NOT JUST knowing your own customers.
Why I’m making a podcast about SaaS
Aug 14 • 12 min
I talk about why I’m building a SaaS company and why I’m podcasting about it.