Macalester Big Questions

Macalester Big Questions
The “Big Questions” series is our attempt to try something different. These are glimpses into the minds and hearts of the people who comprise Macalester: a collection of their thoughts about the things that matter to them and, we hope, to you.You migh

Rev. Kelly Stone and Exploring Differences - Episode 11 - Macalester Big Questions
Oct 9 • 10 min
Rev. Kelly Stone talks about the college’s past, meeting students’ needs, and thinking of campus as a laboratory for exploring differences.
Blair Cha on Leadership - Episode 10 - Macalester Big Questions
Oct 2 • 11 min
Blair Cha ‘20 discusses leadership in the Macalester community and beyond.
Fred Swaniker on the Misconceptions About Africa - Episode 9 - Macalester Big Questions
Sep 25 • 10 min
Fred Swaniker talks about the misconceptions of the African continent and his hope for the youth of the continent in shaping the future of the world.
Tim O’Brien and the Danger of Absolutism - Episode 8 - Macalester Big Questions
Sep 18 • 17 min
Author Tim O’Brien speaks about the complexities of the world, embracing uncertainty, and avoiding absolutism.
Kofi Annan in Conversation with Brian Rosenberg - Episode 7 - Macalester Big Questions
Sep 11 • 17 min
Kofi Annan ‘61 talks with President Brian Rosenberg during a conversation in May, 2018.
Donna Lee on Building an Inclusive Community - Episode 6 - Macalester Big Questions
Sep 4 • 15 min
Donna Lee talks about building an inclusive community out of a diverse group of students.
Marlon James and Novels as Political Statements - Episode 5 - Macalester Big Questions
Aug 21 • 10 min
Marlon James talks about novels as political statements.
Kristi Curry Rogers and What We Can Learn From Fossils - Episode 4 - Macalester Big Questions
Aug 21 • 16 min
Kristi Curry Rogers talks about what we can learn from fossils and the future of our planet.
Andrew Latham and Conservative Political Thought - Episode 3 - Macalester Big Questions
Aug 20 • 16 min
Andrew Latham discusses conservative political thought at a liberal arts school.
Donnie Brooks and Student-Athlete Mental Health - Episode 2 - Macalester Big Questions
Aug 20 • 16 min
Athletic Director Donnie Brooks discusses how Macalester College approaches student-athlete mental health.
Duchess Harris and the Intersections of the #MeToo Movement - Episode 1 - Macalester Big Questions
Aug 20 • 14 min
Duchess Harris discusses the intersections of race, class, and gender with the #MeToo movement.