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EP 20 Ian Johnson
Apr 6 • 117 min
The Don King of Offroad Media, the Guy Fieri of ULTRA4, the Marge Simpson of Okay too far. Ian of Offroad. Ian from Big Tire Garage. Ian Johnson @ianfrombigtiregarge We know and love this guy. He’s been a staple of offroad television, magazines, the…
EP 19 Erik Miller
Mar 30 • 152 min
Two time King, and quite possibly the best ULTRA4 Racing @ultra4racing driver for the past decade, Miller Motorsports Erik Miller @21erikmiller. As an east coast racer hailing out of Cumberland, MD it comes as a shock to most that he is so wickedly…
EP 18 Josh Blyler
Mar 23 • 98 min
A new King is crowned! 2020 King of the Hammers 4400 Champion Josh Blyler of #BigB Motorsports racing out of Klingerstown, Pennsylvania. In just four quick years in ULTRA4 Racing @ultra4racing, Josh sits on the throne for 2020 as the man to beat. He’s the…
KOH2020 SP 12 Cody Waggoner
Mar 19 • 52 min
The Howard Hughes of rock sports! Cody Waggoner @cody_waggoner_lasernut First and foremost, without Cody & his wife Lindsey, the past twelve shows, the KOH2020 Sessions would not have been possible. Without their hospitality, and opening up their desert…
KOH2020 SP 11 Vaughn Gitten Jr / Loren Healy
Mar 16 • 30 min
These guys at Team Fun-Haver Offroad Vaughn Gitten Jr @vaughngittenjr, and Loren Healy @loren_healy know how to get down. Business, marketing, outside the industry sponsors, representation, being fast, family, tattoo sleeves and and this little thing…
KOH2020 SP 10 David Hartman
Mar 12 • 24 min
Hailing from Grand Junction, Colorado and pilot of the #4874, we got David Hartman @davidhartman4874 to grab a seat during a busy and hectic Hammers week. Albeit a shallow dive, you get another glimpse of what makes a program successful, hands-on, first…
KOH2020 SP 09 Dan McMillin / Luke McMillin
Mar 9 • 22 min
They go by T1’s, or Trophy Trucks, or Trick Trucks depending on where they are racing. But no matter where, you can consider them to be the best and baddest things in the desert at that point in time. On this KOH2020 Session we snag last years Inaugural…
KOH2020 SP 08 Chris May
Mar 5 • 35 min
All the way from South Carolina, Chris May @trailtoy83, sits down in the dust bowl of Johnson Valley during Hammersweek and fires up the Way Back Machine. I can hardly name a rock sports competitor that has been at it, and stayed at it as long as Chris.…
KOH2020 SP 07 Roxy Foster
Mar 2 • 42 min
Roxy Foster @mrsroxy the Queen of the Merch, AKA “BUY ALL MY STUFF”. If you own any ULTRA4 or King of the Hammers clothing that is because of the lovely Mrs. Roxy. She’s been around the block, and will take you behind the woodshed. On this session on The…
KOH2020 SP 06 Dawson Allington
Feb 27 • 44 min
Amazing, hard core, hard headed, zero quit in this guy! Dawson Allington @dawson_allington National Champion Stock Class driver of the #4695 @baby_jeep_racing his rookie year in ULTRA4, followed up with a battle for his life against brain cancer. He’s a…
KOH2020 SP 05 Ryan Thomas
Feb 24 • 32 min
The brand new “El Presidente” of ULTRA4 Racing, Ryan Thomas @iamryanjthomas, steps in and sits down for and abbreviated KOH session. Who is this guy, where did he appear from, and how did Dave Cole convince him he needed to take over the organization?…
KOH2020 SP 04 Joe Thompson
Feb 20 • 22 min
We aren’t talking “Aliens” when we are talking ULTRA4 UFO’s. Joe Thompson @ufofabrication hits pause during Hammersweek 2020 for a quick dip in The Talent Tank. Welding, his take on what car engineering he believes will win races or survive the Gomez…
KOH2020 SP 03 Dan Campbell-Lloyd
Feb 17 • 23 min
LIVE FEED, LIVE FEED, LIVE FEED, this is the guy! The Wizard of Aus. You didn’t know who put it all together, but this is the guy. Mr. Dan Campbell-Lloyd @dancampbelllloyd the Hawaiian Aussie whos been pulling levers and banging the audio/video machine…
KOH2020 SP 02 Bryan Crofts
Feb 13 • 42 min
Here we go with the second installment of the ULTRA4 Racings King of the Hammers 2020 The Talent Tank sessions, Executive Produced by Caleb Norman @caleb__norman. The story behind the quite darkhorse piloting the brand new #9 in the Campbell Dynasty…
KOH2020 SP 01 Austin Fish Farner
Feb 10 • 28 min
Here we go with the first installment of the ULTRA4 Racings King of the Hammers 2020 The Talent Tank sessions, Executive Produced by Caleb Norman @caleb__norman. For this installment we snagged a HUGE insider, Austin Fish Farner @fishdood from Fishgistics…
EP 17 Dave Cole
Jan 27 • 101 min
It took us seventeen episodes to get the King of the Hammerking Empire on The Talent Tank, but we’ve done it. Dave Cole @ultra4racing, the man, the myth, the legend behind ULTRA4 Racing, King of the Hammers, and Hammerking Productions. Sit down, crank it…
EP 16 Jason Scherer
Jan 20 • 124 min
You may get to the top via luck one time, but it wont keep you there, and it certainly wont let you repeat multiple times. On this Episode of The Talent Tank we take a dive into the history, lifestyle, and what makes THREE time King of the Hammers “King”…
EP 15 Will Gentile
Jan 13 • 95 min
Pay no attention to the man behind the camera. Not today! The multimedia artist and visionary Will Gentile @will.gentile of HeavyMetal Concepts @heavymetalconcepts straps in and takes a dive into The Talent Tank. You may not know the man, but you’ve heard…
EP 14 JT Taylor
Jan 6 • 104 min
There is nobody more proficient and well rounded when it comes to ULTRA4 racing than JT Taylor @jt_customs, with a job title like “Global Ultra4 Race Director” you better be serious and good or both. After numerous attempts, we finally corralled JT on…
EP 13 Adam Scherer
Dec 16, 2019 • 83 min
Everything’s bigger in Texas, just like this Episode 13 of The Talent Tank podcast as bulldog Adam Scherer @adam.scherer.77, Founder, and Co-Owner of Tribe16 @thetribe16 in Fort Worth on all the things hitting on his radar today. Where the racecars he and…
EP 12 Matt Howell
Dec 16, 2019 • 97 min
Adapt and overcome while being deliberate defines Episode 12 as we strapped in to capture 3x Ultra4 4500 Class National Champion Matt Howell @matt_howell, Co-Owner of Tribe16 @thetribe16. When proving yourself, becomes removing all doubt that you are the…
EP 11 Wayne Israelsen
Nov 18, 2019 • 102 min
Diving into the deep end of a shallow Tank for Episode 11 is none other than the Guru of Go-Fast, Dalai Lama of Dampening, Shaman of Shocks, Sorcerer of Suspension, the Wayne Israelsen AKA: Dad @wayne_at_alltech This episode gets shocking in the most…
EP 10 Chris Bowler
Nov 11, 2019 • 81 min
Episode 10 the European Connection. Chris Bowler the man behind the mayhem at ULTRA4 Europe takes a dive into the Tank. Sheep farming, exotic fish, a life as a career serviceman for her majesty’s Royal British Army, Land Rovers, offroad trials, euro…
EP 09 Adam Woodlee
Nov 4, 2019 • 67 min
Episode 9 brings world renowned four-wheel drive offroad racecar fabricating phenom, and offroad businessman Adam Woodlee @wideopendesign for a short dip in the deep end of The Talent Tank. Adam and his southern style pull you in as he discusses, growing…
EP 08 Cody Addington
Oct 28, 2019 • 57 min
Episode 8 became a stop on his whirlwind tour after winning the 2019 ULTRA4 Nationals in Reno, Nevada. We have Cody Addington @addracing888 sharing some of his talent with us in the Tank. From his days of piloting the little Toyota truck that could, to…
EP 07 Rob Bender Park
Oct 21, 2019 • 120 min
Episode 7 throws Rob Bender Park @robbenderpark current head of fabrication at Motobilt, and host of the hit TV series Truck Night in America into the mix. Rob walks us down history lane of the Tin Benders, Pirates of the Rubicon, King of the Hammers,…
EP 06 Shannon Welch
Oct 14, 2019 • 73 min
Episode 6 brings retired from Hammerking Productions, social media specialist, and Associate Producer for this show Shannon Welch, @theshannonwelch, to the Tank. How the east coast found its way to California and behind the curtain with a hand in the…
EP 05 Nate Gesse
Oct 7, 2019 • 84 min
Episode 5 puts rookie 4400 driver Nate Gesse on the spot. From going all in to race with the veterans on a very empty and untested talent tank a year ago, to where he is today, 4th in the 2019 ULTRA4 East series points race.
EP 04 Loren Healy
Sep 30, 2019 • 55 min
Episode 4 gets Loren Healy @loren_healy into the Tank for a dive in on breadsticks, being a professional off-road racecar driver, self-promotion, the racing school of hard knocks, strategic partnerships, hard work, and successes that earned him the King…
EP 03 Casey Gilbert
Sep 23, 2019 • 48 min
Episode 3 brings Casey Gilbert to the Tank for a sit down to discuss the family, business, Every Man Challenge, Back to Back Class 4800 King of the Hammers wins, a possible future in 4400 and IFS.
EP 02 Terry Madden
Sep 15, 2019 • 51 min
Episode 2 which brings Terry Madden @terry_madden to the Tank for a sit down discussion about racing, adventure, searching for answers, finding Gus the Camel in Morocco, being an offroad driving coach and his new business venture HIRôAD in Yucca Valley,…
EP 01 Miles Hasselquist
Sep 8, 2019 • 89 min
Miles “The Voice of Hammertown” Hasselquist sits down to discuss life, work, friends, and King of the Hammers announcing.