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A Christian & a Muslim talk religion & politics

Special guest: George Sorial, former EVP to The Trump Organization
Oct 13 • 50 min
Support this podcast via Patreon. Matt and John welcome George A. Sorial, formerly Executive Vice President & Counsel to The Trump Organization, to discuss his background as a Coptic Christian, his career with The Trump Organization, and divisions in…
Introducing Hashaw Elkins
Oct 6 • 22 min
Support this podcast via Patreon. Matt and John turn the interview tables on Crossing Faiths teammate, Hashaw Elkins, who shares about her life in her Mexican Jewish family and faith.Special Guest: Hashaw Elkins.Support Crossing Faiths
Abortion in 2020 politics
Oct 5 • 76 min
Support this podcast via Patreon. Matt and John discuss the ramifications of abortion politics in the 2020 election and beyond. (Recorded prior to the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.)Support Crossing FaithsLinks:”Southern Baptists are in the national news…
Special Guest: Suzanne Selvester
Oct 3 • 49 min
Support this podcast via Patreon. Matt and John welcome speaker, author and TV host, Ireland native, Suzanne Selvester. Growing up Irish Catholic in Ireland Seeking healing, surrender, and contentment on a spiritual journey Support Crossing…
Special Guest: Manal Omar on women in Islam, leadership, and human rights
Oct 2 • 53 min
Support this podcast via Patreon. Matt and John welcome Manal Omar, founder and CEO of Across Red Lines, an organization that dedicated to creating safe spaces for Muslim women to understand their leadership power and life force energy through the wisdom…
SHORT: Debate Debrief
Oct 1 • 18 min
Support this podcast via Patreon. Matt and John give their quick reflections on the Sept 29 debate between President Trump and former VP Joe Biden. Support Crossing Faiths
Special Guest: Nathan Wineinger on policy advocacy inspired by love of neighbor & human dignity
Oct 1 • 56 min
Support this podcast via Patreon. Matt and John welcome long time friend and fellow policy advocate Nathan Wineinger of 21 Wilberforce. The three discuss Nathan's backstory that inspired his career in advocacy and best practices for religions…
Special Guest: Senge Sering
Aug 19 • 63 min
Support this podcast via Patreon. John and Matt welcome Senge Sering to discuss India, Kashmir, China, Pakistan. Special Guest: Senge Sering.Support Crossing FaithsLinks:In Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, Rape of Women by Both Terrorists and Soldiers and…
Special Guest: Fr. Dn. Andrew Bennett, Canada’s first ever Ambassador for Religious Freedom
Aug 12 • 65 min
Support this podcast via Patreon. Matt and John catch up with their friend Father Deacon Andrew Bennett, Canada's former—and first ever— Ambassador for Religious Freedom. Bennett now serves in multiple capacities including with Cardus (Canada's only…
Are evangelical pastors preaching “political” sermons?
Aug 4 • 53 min
Support this podcast via Patreon. Matt and John debate to what extent evangelical pastors are using the pulpit to advance partisan political goals, what it looks like to non-evangelicals, and what nuance there might be amidst the noise.Support Crossing…
Special Guest: Dr. JoAnne Myers, author of The Good Citizen: The Markers of Privilege in America
Jul 22 • 87 min
Support this podcast via Patreon. Matt and John welcome John's long time friend Dr. JoAnne Myers, Associate Professor of Political Science at Marist College and author of The Good Citizen: The Markers of Privilege in America. Special Guest: Dr. JoAnne…
Part 2: Two white guys talk about American racism
Jul 15 • 33 min
Support this podcast via Patreon. Matt and John continue their discussion about American racism, policing, and seeking better terminology when we talk about solutions.Support Crossing Faiths
Part 1: Two white guys talk about American racism
Jul 3 • 32 min
Support this podcast via Patreon. Matt and John discuss racism and policing in the context of the civil unrest triggered by the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Aubrey, and other black Americans.Support Crossing FaithsLinks:Right Hand, Left Hand - The…
Special guest Ruth Malhotra: Tribute to Ravi Zacharias
Jun 10 • 37 min
Support this podcast via Patreon. Matt and John welcome Ruth Malhotra, Public Relations Manager for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, to discuss the life of the late Christian apologist, Ravi Zacharias, in the wake of his memorial.Special Guest:…
Headlines Part 2: Ezekiel’s wheel, Science and religion, 90 Day Fiance
May 29 • 28 min
Support this podcast via Patreon. Matt and John continue their conversation about some recent religion-related headlines.Support Crossing FaithsLinks:An Oxford Professor, a Hobby Lobby Collector, and a Missing Gospel of Mark - The AtlanticWhen religion…
Headlines Part 1: Evangelicals debate Trump, Religious responses to Coronavirus
May 20 • 45 min
Support this podcast via Patreon. Apologies for the technical diffiiculties heard during this episode. Matt thinks the interference you hear on his voice is because his phone was too close to his microphone cable. Rookie mistake! Matt and John discuss the…
Is irresponsible polling dividing us?
May 13 • 67 min
Support this podcast via Patreon. Matt and John discuss troubling religion surveys and conclude bad religion polling does more harm than good.Support Crossing FaithsLinks:Half of Americans say Bible should influence U.S. laws, including 28% who favor it…
Religious Relational Capital: De Blasio and the Hasidic Jewish Community
May 6 • 50 min
Support this podcast via Patreon.Support Crossing FaithsLinks:The Future of International Religious Freedom (IRF) - Making Data-Driven Decisions on Religious Communities Worldwide | LinkedInThe Front Line of FaithOpinion | Bill de Blasio Finds His…
Explainer: The what, why & how of Ramadan
Apr 29 • 56 min
Support this podcast via Patreon. On behalf of non-Muslims, Matt peppers John with questions about Ramadan, including: Why Ramadan is the best time to hang out with Muslims even if they're "hunger and angry" by moonrise. Is it appropriate to say, "Happy…
Part 2 of 2: Are we living in a “post-Protestant” America?
Apr 22 • 42 min
Support this podcast via Patreon. John and Matt debate the notion that America is in a post-Protesant era. The idea is the water Matt (evangelical) swims in, while John (Muslim) had never heard of such a thing. Support Crossing FaithsLinks:Know Your…
Part 1 of 2: Religious exceptionalism, exclusivism, or “exempt-ualism”?
Apr 15 • 40 min
Support this podcast via Patreon. John and Matt kinda breach their promise to not talk #Quarantine, and discuss (for lack of a better word) a religious "exceptionalism" that prompts some faithful to believe they are immune from Coronavirus. The two parse…
Antiquities scandals: The Museum of the Bible
Apr 8 • 48 min
Support this podcast via Patreon. Matt and John discuss the risks and tradeoffs of antiquities collecting, including the recent scandal involving the Museum of the Bible. Support Crossing FaithsLinks:Hobby Lobby, which smuggled antiquities for Bible…
Season 3 Debut: Quarantine Edition
Apr 1 • 49 min
Support this podcast via Patreon. Matt and John catch up after a March spring break. John returns to the states after time abroad. As the Coronavirus Pandemic spikes around the globe, he has to navigate international travel to make it back to New York.…
Remember when Bernie breached Article 6?
Feb 27 • 24 min
Support this podcast via Patreon. Matt and John talk Bernie Sanders. John retells a hot debate he got into with a millennial stranger in upstate New York.Support Crossing FaithsLinks:Bernie Sanders’s Religious Test for Russell Vought - The Atlantic
Special guest: Mustafa Akhwand, Shia Rights Watch
Feb 20 • 71 min
Support this podcast via Patreon. Matt and John welcome Mustafa Akhwand is the founder and Executive Director of Shia Rights Watch. The trio discuss differences between Shia and Sunni Muslims, differences between Shia and Ismaili Muslims ("12ers" vs…
Faith and politics: Prayer Breakfast, Trump, Romney, Falwell, Muslims, Democrat Primaries
Feb 13 • 59 min
Matt and John rattle off on some headlines involving religion and politics, and the 2020 election.Support Crossing FaithsLinks:2020 Election: Why Religious Conservatives Would Vote for Trump | National ReviewImpeachment leads to theological war of words…
Does the Quran allow a Muslim to be a friend with a Christian?
Feb 6 • 46 min
Matt and John scramble to remember what to talk about. Topics end up including: Does the Quran allow a Muslim to be a friend with a Christian or a Jew? What is the "Q" document? Who wrote the first Gospel? (chronologically) What is the proper etiquette…
Prayer in schools: Japan vs. U.S.A. | Special Guest: Shino Yokotsuka
Jan 30 • 43 min
Shino Yokotsuka, a Tokyo native and a PhD student in Boston, joins Matt and John to compare school prayer practices in United States and Japan. Did you know Japanese school children must dye their hair black if their hair isn't naturally black? Can…
“Unequally yoked” marriage?; Pocket Burgers
Jan 23 • 58 min
So what about this the Bible verse about being "unequally yoked"? Does it have to do with egg cholesterol? Matt and John debate the meaning and application of 2 Corinthians 6:14 within and beyond Christian circles. Also, what foods can you get past DC…
The Crossing Faiths backstory: An interview with Vantage Points
Jan 15 • 50 min
For a feature article in PASS USA's Vantage Points, Hashaw Elkins interviews Matt and John about the origins of Crossing Faiths. Hashaw Elkins is a certified business analyst and project management consultant. Hashaw has led projects in operations,…
Season 2 Preview: Does halal BBQ exist in Nashville?
Jan 8 • 45 min
Matt and John preview their topics of focus for Season 2 in 2020, along with: Can we find "halal BBQ" in Nashville? John has a Sunday morning Penecostal experience Attacks on places of worship 4 reasons religious freedom is declining gloabally Release of…
Special guest: John Prabhudoss | India in Crisis
Dec 18, 2019 • 59 min
Matt & John welcome John Prabhudoss (pro. 'prah-boo-dahs'), President of the Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations, to discuss the latest protests in India over new citizenship laws passed by Parliament. Official USG channels have remained…
Special Guest: Robert Nicholson | Islam is different, and that’s ok
Dec 11, 2019 • 47 min
Robert Nicholson, president of The Philos Project, joins the show to talk about his article, "Islam is Different—and That’s Okay." Excerpts: Islam is not Christianity; the Middle East is not the West. We share some things, yes, but there is no obvious…
Reliable Jesus?
Dec 4, 2019 • 31 min
John asks Matt about reliable Jesus/Isa info. John opens up about a lousy experience in a Catholic college. Support Crossing FaithsLinks:The Case for Christ, author Lee Strobel — A Journalist’s Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus.The Case for…
Special guest: Kristina Arriaga explains her resignation from USCIRF
Nov 27, 2019 • 47 min
Matt and John welcome Kristina Arriaga, a former USCIRF Commissioner. Arriaga recently resigned from the Commission in protest over an attempt by the U.S. Senate Foreign Affairs Committee to dramatically alter the structure and work of the Commission. Who…
0108: On Location: London. John is shocked by Kurdistan’s Multifaith Capacity
Nov 21, 2019 • 53 min
John reports from London on the multifaith collaboration he witnessed on the ground in Kurdistan following the withdraw of U.S. troops. Anglophiles and fans of Downton Abbey will have to pardon our short rant against the United Kingdom's divine right and…
On location: Erbil, Kurdistan; A multi-faith community responds in crisis
Nov 4, 2019 • 60 min
After the United States withdraws troops from Kurdistan, precipitating a brutal invasion of the region by Turkey, John Pinna travels with Father John Anderson (Greek Orthodox) to the region. While in Erbil, "Halal John" and Father John share their on the…
Bonus: What to expect from Afghanistan election
Oct 25, 2019 • 12 min
John Pinna relays his expectations and hopes for Afghanistan following the September 28th election.Support Crossing Faiths
Headline edition: Impeachment, Security in houses of worship
Oct 3, 2019 • 55 min
Matt and John talk impeachment and one evangelical pastor predicting civil war. John admits his D&D roots and they discuss their results on the Political Compass. Support Crossing FaithsLinks:The Political CompassGOP lawmaker blasts Trump for quoting…
Fake Muslim?
Sep 26, 2019 • 73 min
Sunni, Wahhabi, Shia, Sufi, Ismaili, Ahmadiyya, Twelvers. Will the true Muslim please stand up? What makes a Muslim? What are the implications of non-Muslims declaring what is "true" Islam? Also, a review of President Trump's religious freedom declaration…
Headline edition: Self-flagellation, Hindu-Muslim joint prayer, and more
Sep 17, 2019 • 66 min
Self-flaggelation during Ashura Did Jesus' cloak hold magical healing powers? Do Hindus and Muslims worship the same god?" Will the Senate-passed Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act (S.178) have any teeth? Support Crossing FaithsLinks:Photos of the Week -…
John tells of his American Muslim life after 9-11
Sep 11, 2019 • 76 min
John Pinna shares post-9/11 experiences from his family and career.Support Crossing FaithsLinks:The Montgomery Story - MLKJ (PDF)Media coverage of AIC’s Arabic Translation of MLK Comic Book “The Montgomery Story”What is Ashura? How this Shiite Muslim…
Netflix’s The Family
Sep 3, 2019 • 58 min
Matt and John review the Netflix series "The Family:" What does it matter as a citizen? What does it matter as a Christian? Is The Fellowship a cult? What about the Washington ecosystem did the documentary leave out? Support Crossing FaithsLinks:The…
Messiah Complex?
Aug 27, 2019 • 44 min
Following a quote tweet from the president, Matt and John talk messianic impulses and the American presidency.Support Crossing FaithsLinks:Trump and the politics of the Messiah - Religion News ServiceTrump and the politics of the Messiah | National…
4: Halal pork and military parades (Pilot)
Jul 3, 2019 • 57 min
Matt and John talk military parades, BBQ, jihadis (is it a word?), some theology, and ask if there is such a thing as "halal pork."Support Crossing Faiths
2: Jesus’ nails? (Pilot)
Jun 13, 2019 • 59 min
Matt and John wonder about supposed "Jesus' nails" found in Caiaphas' ossuary in Israel. John is fascinated by Moses' staff, currently in Turkey.Support Crossing FaithsLinks:Archaeologist thinks he might have found nails from Jesus’s cross - The…
1: An evangelical walks into a wudu space (Pilot)
Jun 5, 2019 • 27 min
Matt confesses an awkward moment walking into a wudu space. John gets nervous in an evangelical prayer circle. Support Crossing Faiths