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Why Most People Fail to Achieve Their Goals: Lara Casey on How to Make Things Happen
Oct 15 • 54 min
Today I’m talking with Lara Casey, owner of Cultivate What Matters and the creator of products like PowerSheets® Intentional Goal Planner, Write the Word® journals, and the Cultivated Homeschool Planner® to help you avoid the mistakes that people make…
How to be Unstoppable and Achieve All of Your Goals
Oct 8 • 39 min
You know that taking action is necessary to achieve your goals, especially as an entrepreneur. But if you’ve found yourself struggling to stay in action — especially when things get hard — you are going to love this episode where I’m breaking down the 3…
How Leaps of Faith Helped Dawn Barton Beat Cancer, Build a Seven-Figure Business and Cultivate Unstoppable Joy
Oct 1 • 76 min
Today I’m talking with author, speaker, entrepreneur, and mentor, Dawn Barton, about how she achieved joy and success even in her darkest days and how you, too, can find joy and become empowered.
Three Ways to Get More Clients, Make More Money, Have Fun and Even Find Love!
Sep 24 • 51 min
Does it feel like you keep putting yourself out there, doing so many things but no one thing seems to be working? It can feel like there is so much noise in the online space and it’s easy to feel frustrated struggling to figure out how to stand out, but…
How Rachael Kay Albers Embraced Her Quirks and Became a Branding Star
Sep 17 • 51 min
Today on The Rita Made Me Do It Show, I’m talking with the hilarious and brilliant Racheal Kay Albers all about bucking the mainstream, going against the grain, entrepreneurship, and truly living an amazing and unconventional life.
What Oprah Finds the Most Valuable (That Will Also Boost Your Visibility and Profits)
Sep 10 • 45 min
If you’ve struggled with feelings of overwhelm or frustration in your business that clients, profits, and more are taking too long or feel like they are happening too slowly, you are going to want to listen to this episode because I’m going to totally…
How Paul C. Brunson Turned a YouTube Video Series into a Multi-Million Dollar Business
Sep 3 • 53 min
Join us in this episode for the conclusion of my discussion with the amazing Paul C. Brunson, as we dive into everything from Oprah to family.
How I Turned a Breakup Into a Six-Figure Business
Sep 3 • 62 min
In this pilot episode of The Rita Made Me Do It Show two of my friends, Esther Boykin, Lindsay Sarvadi, and I sit together and chat about the whole story behind my journey from life as an attorney, to the infamous 35 dates in 35 days, to a successful…
The Book That Changed Paul C. Brunson’s Life and How It Helped Him Make Millions
Sep 3 • 62 min
I love to talk to people who have chosen to go all-in on their lives and businesses and especially those who decided to do it unconventionally. Paul C. Brunson is a fantastic example of that, and in today’s episode — the first of a two part series — we…
The Rita Made Me Do It Show Coming September 3rd!
Aug 18 • 2 min
Get a sneak peak of The Rita Made Me Do It Show! Get ready to be inspired, have some laughs, and learn how to build a profitable business that supports your dream life. Join us in my free Facebook community, The All-In Entrepreneur…