Top Five

Top Five
Chris Paek and Liz Lin break down everything - pop culture, politics, race, food, religion, family, thirtysomething life, and all of their top fives. Support this podcast:

8. What Do You Talk About With Your Parents?
Nov 7 • 59 min
Both of us are thinking about recent episodes of Fresh Air - Chris, an interview with the writer with whom Prince collaborated on his memoir; Liz, a discussion about the cost of rebuilding coastal real estate in the face of climate change. Then we get…
7. Couples and Money
Oct 24 • 60 min
Liz binges on Conan O’Brien’s podcast, while Chris reflects on the geopolitical rift between the US and China opened by… the general manager of a basketball team. Then we get to some real talk about couples and money: Does everyone merge their assets when…
6. Did You Apply to Harvard?
Oct 9 • 60 min
It’s been a minute since we applied to college, but those memories come back QUICK. We talk about that formative time, inspired by our topic of the day: the decision in the Students for Fair Admissions vs. Harvard case. We break down why affirmative…
5. Why Aren’t We Excited About Andrew Yang?
Sep 25 • 60 min
The internet has been overflowing with good stories this week! We talk about the articles and podcast episodes that grabbed us the most. Then, we ask: If we’re all about Asian America, why aren’t we jazzed about Andrew Yang? We get into the model minority…
4. What’s More ‘90s Than a Hidden Track?
Sep 11 • 60 min
Chris watches Aziz Ansari’s first standup special after his #metoo accusations, while Liz can’t stop talking about the new season of the 30 for 30 podcast. Then we ask our burning questions about our very different thirtysomething lives: resuming adult…
3. We Need to Talk About The Farewell
Aug 28 • 60 min
A typhus outbreak makes Liz realize the extent of the housing crisis in California, while Chris grapples with giving up his car. Then we break down The Farewell — what the film nailed, the scenes that stayed with us, and (spoiler alert) a surprising…
2. New Year’s Resolution: Skin and Teeth
Aug 15 • 60 min
Chris catches three race-related movies on a flight to Tanzania. Liz binges on Adulting, which leads us to break down the most adult things we’ve done in the last year. We wrap with this week’s top five: problematic faves. Nothing and no one is safe.…
1. Ali (Wong) Is the Greatest
Aug 14 • 64 min
Liz tries to figure out why #goback feels different and Chris escapes the madness with a trip to Fenway. Then we break down Always Be My Maybe, our anxiety watching Asian American media, and the ways in which Ali Wong shows up for Asian men. Plus, our…
0. … Another Podcast?
Aug 13 • 8 min
If Malcolm Gladwell is to be trusted — and we think he is — 750,000 podcasts are already out in the world. So why make another one? We explain why we decided to start number 750,001 and what we’ll be talking about. (Spoiler alert: It’s everything.)…