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You Ever Have One of Those Days?
Oct 21 • 5 min
Today we talk a bit about having “one of those days”
Three Strategies to Surviving & Thriving in a Corporate Environment
Oct 14 • 14 min
Today I want to share some things I’ve learned in my nearly 20 years of working & navigating the corporate world.
How Important is Your Voice
Oct 7 • 30 min
Today we talk about the importance of putting your voice in the world.
Plain Ordinary Conversations - Mark Foster
Sep 30 • 70 min
Today we get to talk with licensed counselor, part time actor, & friend of mine, Mark Foster. We met while we were both actors in The Great Passion Play in Eureka Springs Arkansas, which, according to their website, happens to be America’s #1 attended…
Plain Ordinary Conversations - Lee McCormack
Sep 23 • 63 min
Today we talk with the one & only Lee McCormack. Lee is one of my favorite guys. He is so authentic. So true to himself, and embodies the rock & roll spirit that makes music so great. He’s a spot on drummer & musician, but he’s a better entertainer. On a…
Season 2 PODcast Highlights
Sep 16 • 30 min
Today we have a roundup of season two’s guests. Some parts I really loved - so I shared them again!
How My Past Can Help Your Future
Sep 9 • 59 min
This week a couple of stories from my past converge with my present self & other musings. Check out Plain Ordinary Coaching ( for more information.
Plain Ordinary Conversations - Eric Schulte Part 3
Sep 2 • 34 min
Today we finish up our conversation with Eric Schulte as we discuss anxiety & panic brought on by years of stress. This is an important episode & I hope you find value in it. In the episode Eric mentions the DARE method that was a beginning place for him…
Plain Ordinary Conversations - Eric Schulte Part 2
Aug 26 • 66 min
Eric J. Schulte is back again to drop more wisdom bombs! Seriously, there’s some good stuff in this episode. You can check out the referenced Deep Work by Cal Newport ( if you want to learn more about that…
Plain Ordinary Conversations - Eric Schulte Part 1
Aug 19 • 55 min
Today I have a special treat for you. We are speaking with Eric Schulte. These days he is in the security field of information technology, however, what he really is, is an information technologist extraordinaire with security being his current focus.…
Plain Ordinary Conversations - Luba Dvorak
Aug 12 • 72 min
On to today’s episode we get to chat with the always engaging Luba Dvorak. I’m excited to share it with you as he talks about his journey as an eastern bloc refugee & defecting from Check republic. This guy has been playing music since the time he could…
Plain Ordinary Conversations - Rob “Splatt” Appelblatt
Aug 5 • 92 min
I’m so excited to have one of my closest friends on the show today. Rob “Splatt” Appelblatt joins us to talk all things self-discovery, music, & facing fear. As a serial entrepreneur he talks about success & disappointment on a very personal, real level.…
Dragon Bytes - Own the Failure
Jul 29 • 8 min
This is a really special episode for me. I learned such a valuable life lesson through this experience of failure. If you prefer, you can read it here —> Own the Failure (
Plain Ordinary Conversations - Tom Ciurczak
Jul 22 • 84 min
Today we talk with Tom Ciurczak about his journey & check out some of the tunes off his brand new debut album - Call Me Ismael.
Dragon Bytes - I Doubt It
Jul 15 • 5 min
Today we talk some about self doubt & the struggle that comes with it.
Dragon Bytes - Not My English
Jul 8 • 5 min
Communication time! Let’s discuss the power of our brains - for what it can for us or against us.
Dragon Bytes - New Experiences
Jul 1 • 6 min
Today we talk a little about new experiences.
Dragon Bytes - Be Crazy Be a Fanatic
Jun 24 • 6 min
How being people’s greatest fan is actually a path to success.
Dragon Bytes - Time for Discipline
Jun 17 • 4 min
Do you have discipline in your life? Do you have disciplines? We will talk a bit about that today.
Dragon Bytes - Teaching Children to Fail
Jun 10 • 5 min
We discuss failure from a video game perspective.
Life is So Beautifully Hard
Jun 3 • 7 min
Some reflection
Dragon Bytes - The Hate that Drives You
May 27 • 4 min
Toady we talk about hate as a motivating factor in your success.
Plain Ordinary Kindness
May 20 • 12 min
If you can be anything….be kind
Dragon Bytes - Challenge is Good for the Soul
May 13 • 5 min
Let’s talk about Challenge.
Dragon Bytes - Be Fearless Today
May 6 • 7 min
Be Fearless Today!
Dragon Bytes - Being a Professional
Apr 30 • 6 min
Let’s discuss Being a Professional
Dragon Bytes - When the Excitement Fades
Apr 23 • 10 min
This may be one of my favorite episodes. You can read it at the Plain Ordinary Dragon website if you prefer :) Also, don’t forget to head over to Podchaser & leave some reviews to help out Plain Ordinary Dragon & Meals on Wheels!
Looking Back
Apr 20 • 32 min
I thought a conversation about things I noted to myself along the way could be useful. So we go through a journal of mine & see some of the highlights. And I ramble a bit. Lots of fun for me. I hope you have a blast too!
Dragon Bytes - Embracing Time
Apr 16 • 6 min
Let’s talk about my favorite thing - Time!
Dragon Bytes - Distractions
Apr 9 • 6 min
Today’s Dragon Bytes episode comes to you discussing Distractions. If you want to read it instead of listen, you can do that here —> Distractions (
Opportunity in Chaos
Apr 6 • 21 min
Let’s talk about opportunity. Let’s talk about chaos. Today we discuss thinking in terms of opportunity especially in times of chaos.
Dragon Bytes - Be Who You Are
Apr 2 • 5 min
Let’s talk about You. Who are you? You can read the article here if you prefer —> Be Who You Are (
Plain Ordinary Anxiety
Mar 30 • 20 min
Let’s talk about this unique point in time in which we are all living. Are you having some challenges with anxiety? With fear? Let’s talk about it some. Let’s also talk about some of the silver linings - they are there if we are willing to look for them.…
Dragon Bytes - Everything Happens For A Reason
Mar 26 • 6 min
Let’s talk about why things happen. If you want to read it instead of listen, you can do that here —> Everything Happens for A Reason (
Plain Ordinary Thoughts & Time
Mar 23 • 21 min
Today we are talking about my favorite thing - time! The most precious resource we have. We are also going to talk a bit about crisis management & some perspective around these troubling times. Come join us Dragons!
Dragon Bytes - Thinking Over Overthinking
Mar 19 • 3 min
Today we talk about one of my personal challenges - overthinking. You can read the original post here —> Thinking Over Overthinking (
Fear & Loathing in Your Headspace
Mar 16 • 5 min
Here is today’s episode Dragons! If you prefer to read it you can do it here —> Fear & Loathing in Your Headspace (
Dragon Bytes - Pushing Through
Mar 12 • 10 min
Hello again Dragons! I’m so grateful you are here with us today. We will be discussing pushing through the hard moments, or rather, learning to be more at ease with them. If you want to read the text you can do so here —> Pushing Through…
Self Care Self Love
Mar 9 • 17 min
Welcome Dragons! Today let us chat about self care & self love. Why are they important? How do they fit with empathy? Let’s talk about it!
Dragon Bytes - Our Best
Mar 5 • 4 min
Let’s talk about doing our best. Is our best a certain level of perfection? Is it the same every time? Are we perpetually consistent with our best effort? This is the topic for today’s Dragon Bytes episode. If you prefer to read instead of listen, you can…
Season 1 Retrospective Part 2
Mar 2 • 63 min
Here we go with part to of the Plain Ordinary Dragon ( PODcast Season One Retrospective Part 2. That’s a mouthful! This is the longest episode to date, so strap yourself in for lots of great quotes & knowledge bombs heading…
Dragon Bytes - The Hard Work
Feb 27 • 4 min
Let’s talk some about something we don’t like to talk about - hard work. You can find the original article here —> Subscribe to POD (
Season 1 Retrospective Part 1
Feb 24 • 44 min
Welcome Dragons! Today we look back at the first season of the Plain Ordinary Dragon ( PODcast. We compiled some clips & highlights from each episode to share with you today along with some of my thoughts on each. I had a…
Dragon Bites - Heroes
Feb 20 • 5 min
Who is your hero? Today we discuss our heroes & other’s heroes. Has someone meant the world to you? Has someone inspired you to action or empathy or love? You can read the article here if you prefer —> Hereos (
Plain Ordinary Persistence
Feb 17 • 23 min
Welcome back Dragons! Today we are talking about one of my favorite topics - Persistence! It is the one key skill you must have in your quiver, in your bag of tricks, to find the success you are looking for in any worthwhile endeavor you choose to pursue.…
Dragon Bites - Connection
Feb 13 • 5 min
Let’s talk about connection! How we interact with the world around us - how we connect is important, but connecting at all is the first step. In today’s episode we chat a bit about connecting with each other & the world around us. Of course, if you prefer…
Plain Ordinary Conversations - James L. White
Feb 10 • 80 min
Today we get to talk with James L. White who is a journalist with the Harrison Daily Times, a singer / songwriter, and a damn fine human to boot. I have always enjoyed my time talking with James & playing music with him in the past, and today’s…
Dragon Bites - Short Term Long Term
Feb 6 • 6 min
Welcome to another bonus episode of Dragon Bites! Today we are talking about Short Term Long Term ( - plans & methodologies. Have an amazing weekend Dragons!
The Moment is Now
Feb 3 • 24 min
Today we talk about living the moment. We discuss living in the now & just how important it is!
Dragon Bites - Quick Failure
Jan 30 • 5 min
In today’s Dragon Bites episode we talk about the F word - Failure. We discuss how it is a big part of success as it is a learning tool as much as anything else we might perceive it to be. Moving forward regardless of outcome is what Quick Failure…
Imposter Syndrome
Jan 27 • 37 min
Today we get real with ourselves & take a look inside our head. We discuss mindset, & some ideas on how to win your battles with imposter syndrome. Get ready to hear some vulnerable, personal discussion with examples from yours truly. Can’t wait for you…
Dragon Bites - The Value of Your Word
Jan 23 • 6 min
This is our first time for Dragon Bites to be in its intended time slot. Progress not perfection. The Value of Your Word ( is one of the thought processes I’ve really enjoyed exploring &…
Dragon Bites - Hurry Time’s Running Out
Jan 20 • 4 min
Good day Dragons! Today’s Dragon Bites episode is about time. It’s about the here & now. It’s about the future. It’s about the past. It’s about accomplishing your goals & learning from your past. Hurry Time’s Running Out…
Dragon Bites - The Guarantee
Jan 13 • 8 min
Today we discuss - The Guarantee ( In this Dragon Bites episode I tell you a little about my poker playing days & some of the lessons I learned, as well as, some of the philosophy behind the game & how it…
Dragon Bites - Where to Invest First
Jan 6 • 5 min
Welcome back Dragons! Today’s episode is all about where to invest first. Where to put those precious resources to their best use is where we begin. You can read the article on the website here —> Where to Invest First…
Dragon Bites - Gettin’ Lucky
Dec 30, 2019 • 7 min
Welcome Dragons, to the last episode of 2019. With 2019 hot on our heels & new beginnings in 2020, I thought it would be a good time to talk about being & getting “lucky” This is something people have called me for as long as I can remember, and it…
Dragon Bites - Action = Success
Dec 23, 2019 • 5 min
As the new year is nearly upon us, we tend to start looking to the future. We start to look to the hope of a fresh start, the anticipation of a new year where we can mentally make a commitment to starting with a fresh slate. We can envision all the good &…
Dragon Bites - I’ll Do My Best, I Will
Dec 16, 2019 • 6 min
Welcome back dragons! Today’s episode is going to be considerably shorter than most of our I’ll Do My Best, I Will ( - and is, I believe, our second installment of Dragon Bites to be on the PODcast.…
Dragon Bites - One Good Song
Dec 9, 2019 • 44 min
We discuss more of my creative journey & how the Plain Ordinary Dragon ( podcast came about, a little more behind the scenes look anyway. We catch up on the direction of the show & the coming changes in 2020. Can’t wait to…
Plain Ordinary Thoughts, Decisions, & Actions
Dec 2, 2019 • 45 min
Where is the PODcast going? Today we open up & be a little vulnerable. Today we discuss the first season of the Plain Ordinary Dragon podcast, and if we should continue or if we should change the podcast up.
Quote Me
Nov 25, 2019 • 39 min
Today we discuss some thoughts around some of my favorite quotes from my quote collection. I like to have quotes to inspire me. I like to have them to marvel at the way they are so well put together. Sometimes they are the reinforcement to my soul on a…
Plain Ordinary Conversations with Bob Marston Part 2 - Real Magic Good People
Nov 18, 2019 • 83 min
Bob Marston is back again with us to finish up our interview in Part 2. If you liked last week’s episode then hold on, because this one has music too! Bob continues to provide us with his signature style of thought, analysis, & perspective as we journey…
Plain Ordinary Conversations with Bob Marston - Part 1
Nov 11, 2019 • 67 min
Welcome back Dragons! Today we get to share some of the journey of Bob Marston, musician, singer, real estate agent, songwriter, and all around good man. This is only part one, however. We will bring you the exciting conclusion next week in Part 2. Be…
Plain Ordinary Consistency
Nov 4, 2019 • 33 min
We discuss the upcoming changes to Plain Ordinary Dragon, and we discuss the act of being consistent consistently. I also let you in on who next week’s PODcast interview is as well as tell a few stories.
Plain Ordinary Conversations with Gabriel N. Akins
Oct 28, 2019 • 75 min
Sometimes you get lucky in this journey of life. Today’s PODcast episode is the case in point. Our guest hit me up on Instagram after hearing about the PODcast from last week’s guest Calliope Pettis. Sometimes I love this small world we are in :) Gabriel…
Plain Ordinary Conversations - Calliope Pettis
Oct 21, 2019 • 60 min
Today we get the pleasure of speaking with Calliope Pettis about her journey, art, & so much more. You will certainly want to check out her video about her Eubeau on the YouTubes, and you can find her website at
Dragon Bytes - A Preview
Oct 14, 2019 • 19 min
Today is a shorter than usual episode since we have been fighting the sickness at home for the last few weeks. So I thought I might share an upcoming part of the podcast we hope you are going to really enjoy - Dragon Bytes!
Plain Ordinary Happiness?
Oct 7, 2019 • 53 min
Today we talk about happiness. We have a pretty frank discussion about purpose. And we talk a little about love & loss. Also, on this episode, you will hear my first ever release of an original song - Love & Regret
Plain Ordinary Conversations - Perry Hayes the Sojourner
Sep 30, 2019 • 49 min
Perry Hayes is a favorite person of mine. He has found a beautiful rhythm to the life he has intentionally created for himself & his family. From a unique upbringing to serving in the armed forces to running a kayaking outfitter on Big Canoe Creek he…
Plain Ordinary Conversations - Jana Lee Gibson Clifton
Sep 23, 2019 • 97 min
What a powerful episode we have for you today. We catch up with the multi-talented Jana Lee Gibson Clifton (yep - she’s my wife). From a young age, she has known struggle & tragedy intimately , and today she shares how she keeps coming through it all.…
Reflections on a PODcast - And the Giveaways
Sep 16, 2019 • 44 min
I started to reflect on the last few episodes & then I bird-walked in a much different direction. We are going to discuss the giveaways & how the deadline has been extended! I talk a little about why we are doing what we are doing with this podcast & the…
Plain Ordinary Conversations - Back Again with Homer Keys
Sep 9, 2019 • 51 min
Welcome Dragons! Homer Keys from Firebird Straps joins us today for the podcast, and you are going to hear some real life things in this episode. We talk with Homer about his new company, his journey, some challenges, and some of the folks who have had an…
Even More Plain Ordinary Conversations with Hal Borland
Sep 2, 2019 • 86 min
Welcome Dragons (! I’m super excited for today’s episode. Hal Borland is with us! He was one of my first mentors in the Information Technology field & has been a close friend ever since. We discuss challenges & triumphs…
More Plain Ordinary Conversations with Donnie Lee
Sep 2, 2019 • 75 min
Welcome Dragons! Today we are in for a real treat. We are lucky enough to have caught up with the infamous Donnie Lee. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of meeting him in person you are about to have a really fun trip. You see, the truth of…
Plain Ordinary Conversations with Tim Jackson
Sep 2, 2019 • 76 min
Welcome Dragons! Today we get to talk with Tim Jackson. He is a drummer, a veteran, & an accomplished paramedic. We discuss his journey from growing up in small town USA to his current role in hospital administration. Along the way we get to hear stories…
Welcome Dragons!
Sep 1, 2019 • 47 min
Welcome Dragons! Today we go live with the Plain Ordinary Dragon ( podcast, or as I like to call it the PODcast. When I started learning how to put a podcast together I realized there were technical challenges to be…
Plain Ordinary Dragon - The Beginning
Aug 12, 2019 • 3 min
Welcome to the Plain Ordinary Dragon ( podcast - or as we like to say - the Plain Ordinary Dragon Cast - PODcast! We wanted to drop in & let you know the podcast IS coming & almost ready to launch. Here is some of the…