Natural Geekery Podcast

Natural Geekery Podcast
Welcome to Natural Geekery, a weekly podcast about being in love with gaming, roleplaying, interaction, and creativity. Each week I share personal stories, interviews, and talk about the multi-faceted gaming world and it’s vast community.

The Validity of Your Story - Interview with Tallsquall, Part Two
Oct 16 • 44 min
Part Two of our interview with Tallsquall. Talking storytelling, gaming and positivity.
The Validity of Your Story - Interview with Tallsquall, Part One
Oct 9 • 36 min
Join me as I talk with Tallsquall about gaming, cosplay, positivity and the power of story.
A Speculative Fictionero - Interview with Michael R. Underwood, Part Two
Oct 2 • 31 min
Michael R. Underwood and I take a deep discussion into RPG gaming and the publishing industry.
A Speculative Fictionero - Interview with Michael R. Underwood, Part One
Sep 25 • 35 min
Part one of an interview with Speculative Fictionero, Michael R. Underwood
Intentional Characters - Interview with Jill
Sep 12 • 35 min
Talking character design, RPG experiences and intentional character design
Trust at the Table
Sep 4 • 19 min
Talking about trust around the RPG game and working with your other players.
Letters to My Uncle 1 - My Companions
Aug 28 • 18 min
Kicking off my first creative project. Based on our home game of Dungeons and Dragons set in Critical Role’s world of Tal’Dorei. Come listen to Khalzi Raven-Eye, a dwarven archaeologist and “recovery specialist”, reading letters to his Uncle a…
The Agency of Choice - Interview w/Daniel McDeavitt (Part 2)
Aug 19 • 24 min
Part 2 Talking creativity, roleplaying, dungeon-mastering and expectations around the table.
Blue Willow Imagination - Interview w/Daniel McDeavitt (Part 1)
Aug 14 • 24 min
Talking imagination, storytelling and the power of a blue willow plate.
The Worlds We Live In - An Interview with An Old Friend
Aug 6 • 34 min
Talking roleplaying, the power of story, and Lord of the Rings music you may not know about with my old friend
Letters to My Uncle - Episode Zero
Jul 30 • 12 min
Episode Zero for my upcoming “Letters to My Uncle” storytelling RPG project.
Jul 23 • 24 min
GenCon, for me, is an amazing place and it’s coming up next week. In honor of this I’ve made it the focus for this episode. I go through a brief history to get a perspective of how far the convention has come and then tell two stories th…
Beginning Gifts
Jul 16 • 15 min
Come join me as I take my first step into podcasting and talk about what I will be doing here, where I see it going and give you a glimpse into my passion for it.