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#8 Review: AWS Global Accelerator
Nov 12 • 45 min
Andreas is reviewing the AWS Global Accelerator. AWS introduced Global Accelerator at re:Invent in 2018. A year after that, it is about time to review the service. AWS Global Accelerator makes use of Amazon’s worldwide infrastructure and is designed to…
#7 How we run our blog
Oct 29 • 35 min
We love simplicity! Our blog runs on CloudFront and S3 which is maintenance free and does handle traffic spikes easily. We use the static website generator hexo to publish our content. [email protected] handles redirects and generates optimized images on the…
#6 How to avoid S3 data leaks?
Oct 15 • 31 min
Not a week goes by without a frightening announcement that an organization has leaked confidential data from Amazon S3 accidentally. Most often, the root cause of a security breach is a misconfiguration of S3 access control. Andreas presents four rules to…
#5 Rapid CI/CD with CodeBuild
Oct 1 • 34 min
There are many options available when you are looking for ways to implement a deployment pipeline. You might have heard about Jenkins, CircleCi, BitBucket Pipelines, GitLab Pipelines, and many others. AWS, on the other hand, offers services for CI/CD…
#4 Review: Amazon Aurora Serverless
Sep 17 • 32 min
It was never easier to scale your compute layer. EC2 Auto Scaling, Fargate, and Lambda enable horizontal scaling. But how do you scale your database? Use a NoSQL database like DynamoDB, one could say. But what if you don’t want to miss all the advantages…
#3 How to sell pay per use SaaS to AWS customers in the AWS Marketplace
Sep 3 • 28 min
AWS Marketplace allows you to sell software to AWS customers. The customer can either run the software on its own (using AMIs and optional CloudFormation), or you can offer the software as a service (SaaS). You can also offer containers and machine…
#2 EC2 Instance Connect is an insecure default!
Aug 20 • 11 min
AWS released a new feature called EC2 Instance Connect. Unfortunately, the defaults are insecure. You likely can open an SSH connection to every EC2 instance in your AWS account now.
#1 Review: AWS Backup
Aug 7 • 16 min
AWS releases a new service with a lot of marketing noise. You can’t resist, you want to use that new thing now. But soon you discover that the service is missing essential features. As a result, you stumble upon a show stopper and get frustrated. Why is…