Senator Jaiz's Taco Theory of Everything

Senator Jaiz's Taco Theory of Everything
In this podcast we look at the arts, trends, current events, and muse on many topics. The only thing we adhere to is not taking anything too serious. I could be going it alone or I could bring in partners. Let’s see where this goes together. Support this podcast:

Ep. 4: Nihilist Eban Believes in Nothing Except 5 Hour Concerts and Rocket Science
Oct 24 • 25 min
In this episode we explore nihilism caused by a bad breakfast and how that leads to worry over 5 hour concert commitments, country pop, rocket science, and Diplo. Actually none of it matters anyway. It’s Nihilist EBAN! —- This episode is sponsored by ·…
Ep.3 Is This A Getting Old Pain or am I Dying
Aug 29 • 37 min
One of the things that getting old brings is pain. Joint pain, back pain, just plain pain. One of the fun things about this is figuring out if is aging pain or whether you need a doctor. Also, screw Freedom Industries. Like seriously! Senator Jaiz on…
Of Biker Poets, Penis Tattoos, and Expectations
Aug 14 • 42 min
Back with episode 2 of the Senator Jaiz Taco Theory of Everything. In this episode we have better sound, that is good. We touch on Biker Poets, Penis Tattoos, and Managing Expectations. I also break down and explain the Taco Theory of Everything. Senator…
The Pimptacular Life of Nissan Guy
Aug 12 • 36 min
Hey all. Welcome to episode one. I have been wanting to start this show for a while but could not figure where I wanted to go. But then inspiration took hold and I knew I had to sit down and record, right where I was. Thus, this first episode does not…