Mersey Waves

Mersey Waves
Produced by Liverpool City Council, each episode will dive in to a variety of topics – from music and film, culture and climate change right though to history, heritage and health. Through conversations with those in the know, we’ll shine a spotlight

Homelessness - The story of our streets
Nov 8 • 23 min
The city council is fiercely proud of how it tackles the problem – investing more than £20m a year to support people and families in crisis - ut the city council needs support - both homelessness and rough sleeping in the city are on the rise.
Hatches, matches and dispatches
Oct 25 • 27 min
In this episode we’re going to chat to a team that play a part in some of the most important moments in people’s lives, the Registrar’s team.
Littlewoods Building - The past, present and future
Oct 11 • 24 min
The Littlewoods Building has a bright future ahead as the Hollywood studios of the north, but it’s own history is worthy of a star-turn on the silver screen.
Mersey Waves Budget Special
Sep 26 • 21 min
Sometimes it can seem as a city council we send out mixed messages. We talk about savings and austerity but then on the other hand we announce major investment projects or cultural events. Does it really add up?
Libraries - Are they on ‘borrowed’ time?
Sep 19 • 32 min
We’re living in a time when the tide of austerity has not turned. This means we need to think differently about libraries and the service they offer to residents and visitors.
Is the Liverpool music scene too Beatles - centric?
Sep 3 • 32 min
Is Liverpool a one-trick pony when it comes to its music scene and is the city too Beatles-centric?
Welcome to the Mersey Waves podcast
Aug 12 • 0 min
Through conversations with those in the know, we’ll shine a spotlight on different aspects of Liverpool life and explore subjects that matter to you.