The Ignis Project

The Ignis Project
The Ignis Project, setting the record straight with News, Politics, and Lifestyle. TIP also focusses on what’s happening in the State of Utah.

Bob McEntee discusses the importance of Hardening the Grid against an EMP
Oct 2 • 25 min
Bob McEntee, a former AF Pilot, discusses the importance of Hardening the Grid against an EMP. An Electromagnetic Pulse could disable all the power of a city, a State and a Nation, rendering all communications and every electrical item, (including…
Amelia Powers Gardner Utah County Clerk/Auditor on Block Chain Voting
Sep 17 • 24 min
Amelia Powers Gardner Utah County Clerk/Auditor on BlockChain Voting
Dalane England, Founder of Freedom’s Light Celebration of the Constitution
Sep 16 • 19 min
Dalane England the founder of Freedom’s Light talks about the Constitution Celebration in Bountiful, Utah September 19th, 20th, and 21st. For more information go to
Neil Walters, former Economics Prof. at Dixie State, says NO to a New Sales Tax
Sep 9 • 30 min
Neil Walters, CFA, former professor at Dixie State and a CEO of a Commercial Real Estate company, speaks against a new broad based sales tax. The Legislature never should have submitted a bill the last week of the session. The intent was obviously to…
Joseph Woodbury, Tax article in Silicon Slopes Magazine
Sep 4 • 39 min
Joseph Woodbury, Silicon Slopes Founder of Neighbor.Com wrote an article in the Silicon Slopes Magazine discussing the issues of “Tax Modernization” and the critical negative results of taxing services.
Larry Meyers Talks No New Taxes Resolution of the SCC
Sep 3 • 27 min
Larry Meyers, Attorney and member of the Utah Republican Party State Central Committee discusses his Resolution for no new taxes, that was passed by the UTGOP State Central Committee.
Jonathan Johnson talks Utah tax reform
Aug 26 • 25 min
Jonathan Johnson, current CEO of and President of Medici Ventures, discusses the Stronger Futures Task Force on Tax Modernization, arguing Utah does not have a revenue problem, it has an allocation problem.
Phill Wright introduces The Ignis Project?
Aug 8 • 4 min
This is a short overview of the purpose of The Ignis Project