Talking About Risks

Talking About Risks
After 30 years in my profession, “digital” networking is #1 for me when it comes to sharing experience and knowledge in risk and safety management, health and well being. It’s going to be even more relevant with that “new normal” in mind. These podcasts are solo performances and audio extracts from my YouTube Channel “RedRisks”. The mission is to share openly and freely knowledge and experience to help those who cannot always access such resources. 👍 If you are passionate about sharing - Please help and support this Podcast and my YouTube Channel by SUBSCRIBING

#013: Safety Performance Improvement - what would be your advice?
May 20 • 5 min
I was asked recently my best advice on how to focus and improve on safety performance. This question got my brain cells working overtime and I came up with 3 aspects that have helped and I want to share them with you. Of course, I suspect that you also…
#012: Risk and Safety Management Post COVID-19
May 15 • 9 min
We will sometime in the near future be heading back to work, however, the normal that we once knew will need to be adjusted for the “new normal”. But what are the risks? How can we set about reviewing Risk and Safety Management Post COVID-19? In this…
#011: The Future for Behaviour Based Safety (BBS)
May 6 • 67 min
This is the audio from a Live Event and the video is on our YouTube Channel “RedRisks”. I knew that this was going to a “hot” topic for debate and it was certainly fully charged with energy and passion. These live events with Tim, Dom and Scott just keeps…
#010: Opinion Survey Results for “COVID-19 Challenges, Concerns, Worries etc”.
May 4 • 6 min
This is a narrative on the results from an opinion survey I carried out in April (last 2 weeks), wherein I asked via social media for feedback on 5 specific questions. Pleased to say that 327 people took part and the results, whilst might not be a…
Talking About Risks (Trailer)
May 4 • 0 min
#009: Tips for a Successful HAZOP - What are the Key Ingredients?
May 4 • 8 min
HAZard OPerability (HAZOP) studies play a critical risk identification and assessment role towards workplace and process safety. But what makes a HAZOP successful? In this short audio, I want to share with you my thoughts, experience and lessons learnt.…
#008: Psychological Challenges after COVID-19 and Potential Solutions
May 4 • 43 min
On the 15th April (2020), we put this Live Event together to get 3 World Class Experts in a discussion regarding “COVID-19” Psychological Challenges and Potential Solutions….SOMETHING AMAZING HAPPENED….WE FELT A SENSE OF PURPOSE & ALIGNMENT…listen to this…
#007: Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) - My 5 Top Tips
May 4 • 18 min
This is the audio extract from a live stream event related to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and some tips that I can offer based upon my experience and lessons learnt.
#006: Maintenance - Safety Matters
May 4 • 6 min
In this audio extract from the video on my YouTube Channel (RedRisks), let’s praise so many of our unsung heroes out there who carry out maintenance work…safety really does matter when it comes to maintenance,.
#005: Don’t Just Focus on Inputs and Outputs for Performance Improvement
May 4 • 5 min
If like me, you set objectives, goals or targets but don’t always get a 100% success rate for performance improvement…there could be a good reason for that. Apart from reasons where Key Performance Indicators (or Leading and Lagging Indicators) play a key…
#004: Things Are Still Going Wrong….Why?
May 4 • 6 min
In his sequel to the book “What Went Wrong”, the late & great Trevor Kletz revisited the subject under the title “Still Going Wrong”. This is a favourite book from my collection and I often take a look back at my career and experience with a focus on “Why…
#003: “Zero Accidents” - Realistic or just a pipe dream?
May 4 • 3 min
In this Audio, I want to share my view on that expression that I guess we are all familiar with “Zero Accidents”. Is it realistic or just a pipe dream.
#002: Risk and Safety Management: Where do I Start?
May 4 • 6 min
I often get asked “where do I start in risk and safety management?” In the first instance, it’s really all about asking the right questions, but what are they? Let me share with you some of my top tips in this short audio extract from my video.
#001 - Restarting the “Talking About Risks” Podcast Show
May 1 • 0 min
I started podcasting way back in 2016. Unfortunately, for various reasons, I fell off the radar. But now…I am back. Following on from the success of my YouTube Channel “RedRisks”, I want share with you not only audio extracts from the videos online but…