The Classroom Collaborative Podcast

The Classroom Collaborative Podcast
The Classroom Collaborative Podcast is a show about teaching, classroom, and education. We tackle new classroom tips and tricks in every episode.

Our Favorite Games and Activities to Foster Learning Through Play! Special Guest: Kim Adsit!
Sep 16 • 31 min
Join Adam and Deedee as they continue their discussion on bring play into the classroom. They are joined by their special guest, Kim Adsit, as they share their favorite ways to couple learning with play.
Purposeful Play in Every Classroom… Yes, You Can!
Sep 9 • 29 min
Deedee and Adam discuss balancing play with teaching in today’s classroom. They offer practical solutions on how merge play with learning so everyone wins!
Bring Kindness into the Classroom
Sep 2 • 28 min
Deedee and Adam discuss ways to model, show, and encourage a kind classroom and school community.
Parents as Partners… When Students Struggle
Aug 26 • 30 min
Adam and Deedee discuss how to create a meaningful partnership with parents.
Favorite Back to School Books
Aug 19 • 26 min
Deedee and Adam sit down to talk about some of their favorite read-aloud books to read during the first few days of school!
Make The First Day Of School Special!
Aug 12 • 29 min
This episode focuses on Deedee and Adam’s favorite ways to make the first day of school as special as possible!
Why a Podcast? Find out!
Aug 6 • 14 min
In this episode, we introduce themselves and let you all know our WHYs for starting this podcasting journey!
Teachers… Taking Care of You!
Aug 6 • 26 min
In this episode, we share our favorite ways to separate school and home. We strive to create a work/lie balance and offer our tips on doing so!