The Cam & Otis Show

The Cam & Otis Show
A father-son duo working through business and life problems together. What can you gain from a 30 year span of life’s experiences and perspectives. Enjoy a unique chemistry between the dad, Otis, a former Green Beret and his youngest son, Camden, the E?

Ep 49 From the Archives-Game Theory
Jul 1 • 38 min
Ep. 48 You Can Dream Again-Frank Sinclair
Jun 24 • 50 min
Frank Sinclair is a leader in every aspect and even better, he has walked the walk. From 2d youngest AF SSGT to homeless to highly respected business and community leader
Ep 47 Freeform-COVID, Protests, Solutions-Camden & Otis
Jun 17 • 59 min
Join in as we discuss that there isn’t a quick fix to complex problems
Ep. 46 The Green Marine’s Microchallenge-Paul Toolan
Jun 10 • 66 min
Do you believe that one small act can change the world? The Green Marine does.
EP. 45 Is Your Information Safe Online? - Zach Rivera
Jun 3 • 58 min
How does a Special Forces soldier use the skills learned in combat to protect your information online?
Ep. 44: Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid with Scott Kinder
May 27 • 59 min
The small guy can make a change and provide options but don’t get wrapped into your own product over your clients’ needs.
Ep. 43 The Future of Ag-Devon Hankins & Joel Cuello
May 20 • 65 min
How do you solve a food shortage that shouldn’t be happening? Join us as we talk agriculture policy and innovation
Ep. 42 The Gifted Outlier-Deborah Huisken
May 13 • 49 min
Ep. 41 The Future as a Product-VADM(R) Mike Franken-Candidate for US Senate
May 6 • 49 min
Ep. 40 Father and Son Squared
Apr 29 • 68 min
This first ever Father and Son - Father and Son episode dives into leadership and business culture turn around.
Ep 39. COVID-19 Part 3 Prepare to Get Back to Business
Apr 22 • 45 min
What are you focused on? Netflix or what you can create?
Ep 38 When Chaos Happens, Play Your Role with DeVon Hankins
Apr 15 • 57 min
How can growing up on a farm prepare you to be a leader in your community? DeVon Hankins shares some great insights on leadership.
Ep 37 Veterans Squaring Away Veterans
Apr 8 • 59 min
MG(R) Tom Csrnko talks leadership lessons from 36 years as a Green Beret and the nonprofit, Veterans Squaring Away Veterans
Ep 36 Perpetual Entrepreneuring with Tom Matzen
Apr 1 • 56 min
How you can grow your idea to a successful business
Ep. 35: Professional Athlete Work Ethic in Business with James Paterson
Mar 25 • 42 min
Transferring skills from one career field to the next is a skill unto itself.
Ep. 34: An Economist, a Scientist and Planner Take on the Novel Coronavirus Part 2
Mar 15 • 58 min
Ep. 33: An Economist, a Scientist and Planner Take on the Novel Coronavirus
Mar 13 • 51 min
Camden the economist, his brother Braden, the scientist and Otis, the planner, take on what Corona Virus is and what we can do about it.
Ep. 32: Creativity & Innovation is All Around Us
Mar 11 • 50 min
Sports Management training for coaches and administrators as a trade skill online.
Ep. 31: Failure Isn’t Fatal with Scott Kinder
Mar 4 • 51 min
How do you give and still live? Proactive preparation and awareness. Know where you are and where your business is so you can give back.
Ep. 30: Multi-Factorial Problem Solving with Phil Hayes, HSC
Feb 26 • 49 min
Phil Hayes, HSC is an Australian entrepreneur who is making a difference in business and in his community.