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Camano Voice is the BEST way to stay up to date on things around Camano Island, hear about old and new businesses, and learn a little history about the island.

#56: Rich Crouch - Director of Fusion
Aug 4 • 50 min
Director of Fusion, and has worked at many of our elementary schools in both Stanwood and Camano.
#55: Mary Margaret - Former WA Senator Pt 2
Jul 28 • 51 min
Mary Margaret is a Former Washington Sate Senator, who’s family has a long history with Camano Island. She has done so much for this island, and Camano Island would not be what it is today without her.
#54: Mary Margaret - Former WA Senator Pt 1
Jul 21 • 49 min
Mary Margaret is a Former Washington Sate Senator, who’s family has a long history with Camano Island. She has done so much for this island, and Camano Island would not be what it is today without her.
#53: Mark Phibbs - Previous Owner of Mark’s Camano Pharmacy
Jul 14 • 42 min
Mark is the previous owner of Mark’s Camano Pharmacy, and he shares his story of his career as well as how the pharmacy ended. Also, what is he up to now!
#52: Chantel Keller - Owner of Jasmine Thai, Rockaway, and Mammoth Burger
Jul 7 • 43 min
Chantel Keller is the owner of three restaurants in the Stanwood Camano Area. She went from a waitress to restaurant owner, and continued to open more!
#51: Board of Directors - Hope Unlimited
Jun 30 • 65 min
Unlimited works on abolishing modern day slavery and human trafficking. The board of directors reached out to me. To help get their message out, and they had some great information concerning slavery, even in our area. Plus, how to keep our kids safe and…
#50: Cristy Santeford - Gift Buyer for Camano Commons Marketplace
Jun 23 • 45 min
Cristy Santeford has been our gift buyer since the beginning of Camano Commons Marketplace, but she has also worked at Camano Island Coffee Roasters for many years before that. She has been a fantastic team member and integral to our success.
#49: Dr. Zach Pope - Operator of Pope Chiropractor
Jun 16 • 33 min
Dr. Zach Pope is the Operator of Pope Chiropractic and son of previous guest, Dr. Ray Pope.. He has been working with his dad for over 8 years and now runs many of the operations of the practice.
Ep48: Michael Lienau - Camano Film Maker, Director, and Producer
Jun 9 • 62 min
Michael Lienau got his big break with a news story covering the USA’s attempt to abolish Tribal lands. His Mt. St. Helens documentary, “The Fire Below Us” was nationally acclaimed and won 7 awards.
#47: Mary Pilkington - Renaissance Woman
Jun 2 • 43 min
Mary Pilkington has done talks at local events as well as at schools, where she shares the story of her late husband, Fred Pilkington, her late husband, who was a EX-POW at Battle of the Bulge in WWII. But Mary has also had a fascinating life story, and…
#46: Dr. Ray Pope - Founder of Pope Chiropractic
May 26 • 40 min
Dr. Ray Pope is the founder of Pope Chiropractic. He has been practicing on the island for many years, and is now located at Camano Commons.
#45: Elaine Traversi - Executive Director of Stanwood Chamber of Commerce
May 19 • 37 min
Elaine Traversi is the Executive Director of the Stanwood Chamber of Commerce. She attended and then worked at Everett Community College before joining the Stanwood Chamber of Commerce as their executive Director.
#44: Lynne Ayers - Director of Stanwood Camano Food Bank - Pt. 2
May 12 • 39 min
Lynne Ayers started in nonprofits, then moved on to a wide ranging career including Nordstrom, Wine, and more, and after all of that, she has returned to the nonprofit sector.
#43: Lynne Ayers - Director of Stanwood Camano Food Bank - Pt. 1
May 5 • 46 min
Lynne Ayers started in nonprofits, then moved on to a wide ranging career including Nordstrom, Wine, and more, and after all of that, she has returned to the nonprofit sector.
#42: Jennifer Short - Owner of Camano Island Honey
Apr 28 • 50 min
Jennifer Short is the owner of Camano Island Honey. She was a veterinarian for 20 years with large herd animals. She discovered bees and her “retirement” career has kept her a busy bee.
#41: Evan Caldwell - COVID-19’s Effect on the Stanwood Camano Area
Apr 21 • 34 min
Evan and I have a conversation on how COVID-19 is affecting the Stanwood Camano Community. We also talk about the good we have seen happening around this community!
#40: Chris Tuohy - Founder of ForteMDA
Apr 14 • 43 min
Chris Tuohy is the founder of ForteMDA, studied at The Juilliard School, and has had encounters with different Jazz Legends. He teaches music, dance, and the arts in his studio here on Camano Island.
#39: Bob Schroepfer - Founder of Three Roosters Nursery
Apr 7 • 65 min
Bob Schroepfer is the founder of Three Roosters Nursery, and the dad to one of my best friends. I’ve known Bob for a long time, but I never knew his backstory. Enjoy!
#38: Mona Campbell - Director of Marketing for Canopy Tours NW
Mar 31 • 37 min
Mona Campbell is one of five siblings, who are the 4th generation owners of Kristoferson Farms. She is the Director of Marketing at Canopy Tours NW.
#37: Lyndsay Crawford - Management Coordinator at Story House Collective
Mar 24 • 40 min
Lyndsay is the Management Coordinator at Story House Collective. She has loves her job over in Nashville, and gets to travel around with different musical artists.
#36: Mark Crawford - Vice President & GM of Smokey Point Concrete
Mar 17 • 39 min
Mark took over Smokey Point Concrete as it was failing, and turned it around, and eventually sold it. He now is the Vice President and General Manager at the company.
#35: Ed Bednarczyk - Founder, Producer, and Director of the Camano Island Radio Theater
Mar 10 • 52 min
Ed Bednarczyk is a voice actor, and started the Camano Island Radio Theater!
#34: Sally Pray - Owner of Soul Reflections
Mar 3 • 50 min
Sally Pray is the owner of Soul Reflections and has been running the Mother’s Day Art Festival here at Camano Commons for many years.
#33: Marcus Ellinger - Glass Blower at Glass Quest
Feb 25 • 52 min
Marcus Ellinger is a glass blower atGlass Quest, and the son of Mark Ellinger.
#32: Mark Ellinger - Founder of Glass Quest
Feb 18 • 44 min
Mark Ellinger is the Founder of Glass Quest, and has been blowing glass for 37 years! He and his son are the artists behind the Glass Floats everyone is looking for!
#31: Leanna Crawford - Singer and Songwriter
Feb 11 • 36 min
Leanna Crawford grew up on Camano Island and in Stanwood. She now decides in Nashville and is a singer and song writer. She has her first radio single launching in February of 2020!
#30: Vince Muscolo and Jim Joyce - Old Time Camano Folk
Feb 4 • 74 min
Jim Joyce and Vince Muscolo both lived here on Camano back in the 1950’s. They share some fun stories about the history of Camano Island!
#29: Kris Kristoferson - 4th Generation Owner of Kristoferson Farm
Jan 28 • 52 min
Kris Kristoferson is one of five siblings, who are the 4th generation owners of Kristoferson Farms. This generation is also the creators of the fantastic Canopy Tours NW. Camano Island’s very own Zip-line Tour.
#28: Brandon Ericson - Owner of Camano Commons Marketplace
Jan 21 • 57 min
Brandon Ericson is the Owner of Camano Commons Marketplace and is Property Manager over at Camano Commons. Son of Jeff Ericson, founder of Camano Island Coffee Roasters.
#27: Kara Keating and Carol Mason - Movement Arts Studio
Jan 14 • 51 min
Kara is the founder of Movement Arts Yoga Studio and is selling the business to Carol Mason, who has been a practicing yoga instructor at the studio for quite a while. Find out how Movement Arts started and what’s next!
#26: Chuck Durland - President of Camano Schoolhouse Foundation
Jan 7 • 68 min
Chuck Durland is the President of the Camano Schoolhouse Foundation. He has had a long history in working with Senior Centers throughout his career. He shares the lessons he learned working with the elderly as a young man.
#25: Levon Yongoyan - Chief of Camano Island Fire & Rescue
Dec 31, 2019 • 45 min
Levon Yongoyan is the Chief of Camano Island Fire and Rescue, but also has experience as a small business owner. He combines all of his experience to lead the local fire stations here on Camano Island.
Bonus Episode # 3: Merry Christmas!
Dec 24, 2019 • 68 min
A short and sweet Christmas Episode!
#24: Zach and Hailey Abbey - Owners of Ananda Farms
Dec 17, 2019 • 59 min
Zach and Hailey are the founders of Ananda Farms Camano Island. They have been super active in the local Farmers Markets and community events.
#23: Luke Plambeck - Deputy’s Sheriff of Island County
Dec 10, 2019 • 50 min
Luke Plambeck is a local Sheriff’s Deputy in Island County. He has been with the Island County Sheriff’s Office for almost 15 years. He is involved in the Opioid Addiction Outreach, to help people get out of the cycle of addiction.
#22: Adam Kopp - Owner of Madak
Dec 3, 2019 • 42 min
Adam is the owner of Madak, a boutique marketing agency in Stanwood, Washington. He has worked with local businesses such as Windermere, Arrowhead Ranch, and Discover Stanwood Camano, as well as local events like Glass Quest.
#21: Rachel Pigott - Owner of Island Harvest Farms
Nov 26, 2019 • 35 min
Rachel is the owner of Island Harvest Farms right here on Camano Island. She loves growing food and selling it to the local community that she lives in! She also has an awesome Fresh Produce Stand right off of Arrowhead Road!
#20: Randy and Marla Heagle - Owners of Stanwood Camano Windermere
Nov 19, 2019 • 41 min
Randy and Marla and their team have been super involved in the Stanwood Camano Community for many years. If there is an event going on, you would be hard-pressed to not find Windermere agents volunteering. Apart from Windermere, they have started up…
#19: Shaina Holbeck - Realtor at RE/MAX and President of Stanwood Chamber
Nov 12, 2019 • 59 min
Shaina moved to Camano in middle school, and then moved away, and then returned to stay. She works as a realtor with RE/MAX, her and her husband started a businesses building custom homes, and is also the president of the Stanwood Chamber of Commerce.
Bonus Episode #2: Exciting Announcement
Nov 8, 2019 • 10 min
This is a short bonus episode where I talk about an exciting announcement!
#18: Lydia Crouch - Artist and Owner of Lydia C Creative Life
Nov 5, 2019 • 61 min
Lydia spent time as a marketing director, but ultimately fell in love with the arts and has continued to learn more about herself through painting. Our conversation touches on the arts, education, and life. She has built such a great perspective over her…
#17: Paige Schmelzer - Volunteer and Outreach Director at N.O.A.H.
Oct 29, 2019 • 34 min
Paige is the Volunteer and Outreach Director for N.O.A.H. and has a long history of animal welfare. She got started with animals at the Woodland Park Zoo, and it has continued to be a passion of hers through the years. She has 10 cats and her family…
#16: Jim Ayers - Realtor at Windemere Realty and President of Camano Chamber of Commerce
Oct 22, 2019 • 44 min
Jim is a realtor at Windemere Reality, but he is also the president of the Camano Chamber of Commerce. His wide ranging history includes teaching, banking, telecom, and of course, Real Estate.
#15: Myra Reinhardt and Laura Byers
Oct 15, 2019 • 20 min
Myra and Laura have been in the banking world for a very long time! Myra got her start in banking by talking to Laura, and then this dynamic duo got Coastal started on Camano Island.
#14: Julie Campbell - Local Fiddler and Member of South End String Band
Oct 8, 2019 • 60 min
Julie Campbell is a local fiddler who is part of a few local bluegrass bands, and also was the first performer to join First Friday! She brings great energy to every performance!
#13: George Colby - Advisor of FBLA and Teacher at Stanwood High
Oct 1, 2019 • 27 min
George is a teacher at Stanwood High, and he is also the advisor for the Future Business Leaders of America or FBLA. This organization teaches high schooler valuable skills for the work place. George does so much for these kids and is loved far and wide…
#12: Jed Dorsey - Owner of Dorsey Fine Art Studio
Sep 24, 2019 • 58 min
Jed Dorsey has created an art studio upstairs in Camano Commons Marketplace, and also created an entire online course called Acrylic University. He is a great teacher and artist!
#11: Jesse Childress - Owner of The Baked Cafe
Sep 17, 2019 • 49 min
Jesse Childress is the owner of The Baked Cafe, and spends his time creating masterpiece burgers and breakfast sandwiches. He is truly an master at his craft, so please enjoy!
#10: Brian Hanson - Creator of @HighonTacos Clothing Brand
Sep 10, 2019 • 44 min
Brian Hanson is the brains behind High on Tacos, a clothing brand. But that is just the tip of the iceberg, as we get into this conversation, we cover so many topics, and you hear just what this brand really represents!
#9: Mike Nestor - 3rd Generation Islander and Realtor at Windemere Realty
Sep 3, 2019 • 43 min
Mike Nestor is a third generation Islander and is also a realtor at Windemere Realty. But this guy has some stories to tell and you will not want to miss out on his crazy history of Camano Island, and how his family moved to the island!
#8: Lauren Breum - Founder of @AvabytheBay
Aug 27, 2019 • 26 min
Lauren Breum is the founder of @Avabythebay on Instagram, which has over 37K followers! She grew up in this area, and is married to a multi-generational farmer from this area! She has great insight into this area, and we get to hear how and why she got…
#7: Mike Dame - Owner of Terry Greer Inc
Aug 20, 2019 • 26 min
Mike Dame is the owner Terry Greer Inc, a local accounting firm in Stanwood. His career has lead him to this small community, and he is completely pro small business and helping them succeed. He has been a mentor to me in accounting and understanding…
Bonus Episode #1: Brian Radford - Owner of Tapped Public House
Aug 14, 2019 • 43 min
Brian is one the owners of Tapped Public House at Camano Commons, and he will be managing the day to day operations. He recently became an Islander after living in Seattle for more of his life. He has had extensive experience in scratch food restaurants…
#6: TJ Fittis - Owner of Camano Island Coffee Roasters
Aug 13, 2019 • 34 min
TJ Fittis owns Camano Island Coffee Roasters, which he purchased from my father, and the founder Jeff Ericson. He started as a copywriter for Camano Island Coffee Roasters, but slowly worked his way up in the company, until he purchased the company from…
#5: Leslie Moore - Manager of Sno-Isle Regional Library on Camano Island
Aug 7, 2019 • 28 min
Leslie Moore has spent her entire career, minus a short stint as a chemist, in the Library field. And she is a wealth of knowledge of the entire Library system. She is passionate about helping youth get their hands on books, and community building.
#3: Dan Ericson - Owner of Brand Shouter
Aug 7, 2019 • 31 min
Dan Ericson is the Owner of Brand Shouter, a local marketing company. He moved to Camano Island to help Jeff Ericson with the starting Camano Island Coffee Roasters. Here the beginnings of Camano Island Coffee Roasters, and how that experience helped him…
#1: Jeff Ericson - Founder of Camano Island Coffee Roasters
Aug 7, 2019 • 22 min
Jeff Ericson is the founder of the hugely successful Camano Island Coffee Roasters. He also is the creator of Camano Commons as well as Camano Commons Marketplace, Frozen Xplosion, and many other businesses. But he started out in the printing industry in…
#4: Evan Caldwell - Reporter and Photographer for Stanwood Camano News and Pilot
Aug 7, 2019 • 33 min
Evan Caldwell is a photographer and reporter for Stanwood Camano News. Being a reporter, he gets the inside scoop on the happenings around the Stanwood Camano area. Our conversation starts with how Evan got involved in news, and why he stayed with it. We…
#2: Jessica McCready - Community Organizer and Owner of Jessica McCready, LLC
Aug 7, 2019 • 29 min
Jessica McCready is the Executive Director of the Camano Chamber of Commerce, owner of Jessica McCready LLC, and organizer of countless events in the Stanwood and Camano area. Whether it’s organizing the Great PNW Glass Quest, Beer, Bratz, and Biz, or any…
Camano Voice Trailer
Jul 26, 2019 • 3 min
If you want to know what the Camano Voice is about, here is the best way to find out! Time to learn about businesses, events, and history of Camano Island!