Tabletop Inquisition

Tabletop Inquisition
A podcast about tabletop games.

10 – Essen Preview
Oct 7
With Essen Spiel only a few weeks away, we look at this huge event in the tabletop games industry calendar and give some tips for attending the convention and teach […]
9 – Richard Simpson of We’re Not Wizards (Interview)
Sep 23
Today we have the wizard of podcasts with us whose output is relentlessly prolific. We’re talking about Richard Simpson of We’re Not Wizards of course.
8 – Push Your Luck, Deck Building and Dungeon Crawler
Sep 2
Our topic for today? We’re behind the scenes of creating content.
7 – Paul Grogan of Gaming Rules (Interview)
Aug 12
This time we have a very special guest for you - Paul Grogan from Gaming Rules!.
6 – Small box games
Jul 22
This time we explain the game terms dexterity, tableau building and bluffing, before we talk about the often overlooked category of small box games.
5 – Janice Turner of Wren Games (Interview)
Jun 24
We have our first interview, and our guest is Janice Turner of Wren Games. We ask her our block of fun questions, before we talk about her gaming past, her journey through the tabletop games industry, as well as her gaming present - and a small look into…
4 – Legacy, Miniatures and Tile Placement
May 27
This time we look at more boardgame terms, legacy, miniatures and tile placement, and of course we’re going to have a little chat about our collection.
3 – Rulebook sins
Apr 29
This time we look at more boardgame terms, co-operative, competitive and gateway games, and also at some cardinal sins in rulebooks.
2 – Game terminology
Apr 1
This time we thought it was about time that we explained exactly all those terms us boardgame folk love to use. We also talk about the games we played and who we generally play games with.
1 – Who are we?
Mar 11
The topic for this episode is each other, where we ask questions about who we are, what we like and some other important topics to give you a better idea of who you’re listening to.