Jer Bear in the Morning

Jer Bear in the Morning
Do you live in Auburn or Opelika or anywhere ‘round those parts? Remember that Rich and Jeremy in the Morning radio show? Well, ol’ Rich left to become a Catholic priest (it happens), but it turns out that ol’ Jer still loves to hear himself talk. T

9.20.19. More riffin’ with St. Richard of Meinrad with special thanks to St. Thomas of St. Louis
Sep 20 • 51 min
Well, apparently we’re making it a weekly thing. And why not? It’s like riding a bike, but not for any environmental reasons.
9.19.19. Hey, we’re still here! + rumors + AGT + touching astronauts
Sep 19 • 16 min
I’ve touched an astronaut three times.
9.18.19. Is this the end? + Superfan Snippet
Sep 18 • 19 min
‪(334) 246-1348‬… that’s the number to call to make your voice heard, because otherwise…?
9.17.19. SuperFan Tease + Talking Stranger Things and stuff with Alex Camerlengo
Sep 17 • 20 min
Do you like Stranger Things? Do you like Alex Camerlengo? Buckle up.
9.16.19. Monday Memories! + Kent State of the Program with Justin Lee!
Sep 16 • 27 min
BREAKING: Justin Lee picks Auburn.
9.13.19 Talking “celibacy” with Catholic seminarian St. Rich or Richard of Meinrad
Sep 13 • 34 min
You wanna get nuts? C’mon, let’s get nuts…
9.12.19. Memories of Making a Difference + Where The Sidewalk Ends
Sep 12 • 16 min
An unexpected Facebook tag from an old high school acquaintance leads Jer Bear down the sidewalk of sentiment…
9.11.19. PEOPLE ACTUALLY PAY TO DO THIS!!! + Never Forgetting Never Forget
Sep 11 • 23 min
War Dang Eagle, We Done Escaped…
9.10.19. Picking up trash with Ben Polidoro
Sep 10 • 13 min
Picking up with trash with Ben Polidoro. Think we’ll remember this tomorrow?
9.9.19 Monday Memories! + Tulane Talk with Justin Lee
Sep 9 • 32 min
Hey, it’s Monday…
9.6.19 Tulane Talk + Tech Talk with Alex Camerlengo!
Sep 6 • 18 min
A Kappa Gamma goes off on Gramma’s Gramma.
9.5.19. Talkin’ with West Coast Auburn Warrior Cody Stark!
Sep 5 • 26 min
Sacramento morning show anchor Cody Stark finest morning anchor gives ol’ Jer a stark look at his personal history with the Plains.
9.4.19. Monday Memories! + John Schneider loves Dee Ford
Sep 4 • 19 min
Bo Duke talks how much he hates that Dukes of Hazzard movie… and about how much he loves the Children’s Miracle Network and Dee Ford…
9.3.19: Ball Player Stuff with Justin Lee
Sep 3 • 22 min
You know what you’re about to listen to? Ball Player Stuff.
8.30.19. Friday thoughts with ramp-dwelling Jordan-Heretic (?) Austin Phillips
Aug 30 • 15 min
Can you leave before the game is over if we’re winning? Can you leave before the game is over if we’re losing?
8.29.19: Arista hits a linguistic growth spurt + Sylvia aces Stress Reduction!
Aug 29 • 14 min
So Arista can basically speak in tongues now, and Sylvia’s last semester will be zen as h.
8.28.19: AGT Talk + Answering Mary’s Prom Question + Fairhope Mayor Karin Wilson!
Aug 28 • 11 min
if you’ve been waiting to hear the mayor of Fairhope’s favorite Alabama joke, today’s show is for you!
8.27.19: Urinepocalypse First Blood Part II + Unpacking the False Chickle vs. Popeyes Dichotomy with Alex Camerlengo!
Aug 27 • 21 min
The promised Monday Memories on a Tuesday, plus a look at the wrong-headed hubbub that is the chicken sandwich debate du jour.
8.26.19: AN INTERVIEW W/ (the 28-year-old British namesake of) BO JACKSON!
Aug 26 • 14 min
Yes, the rumors are true… the world’s premiere British additive manufacturing industry journalist was indeed named after Bo Jackson.
8.23.19: Live and Off Script for the Sake of Monday’s Show!
Aug 23 • 9 min
For everyone who’s been asking to for those naked Jer Bear wings! Don’t worry—Monday will rule!
8.22.19. JER BEAR VS. THE BLACK MAMBA + Soooothe Sayer?
Aug 22 • 20 min
Do you know who Treston Vines is? Well, you will. Do you find Jer Bear’s voice soothing? Well, you will.
8.21.19. Justin Lee does an Arista impression, talks Bo Nix + Dramatic Toomer’s Reading = Fun!
Aug 21 • 17 min
Justin Lee with the Opelika-Auburn News’ joins the show again to do an Arista impression, first and foremost, and then talk Bo Nix. And I wish my grandfather a happy birthday with a dramatic reading of something I wrote for the Plainsman back in 201…
8.20.19. ‘There’s a man slumped over in a car…’ + Jer, Wind, and Fire?
Aug 20 • 9 min
Seriously — what is fire?
8.19.19. Auburn Campus Lingo with Alex Camerlengo! + Monday Memories
Aug 19 • 29 min
Time for a crash course in campus lingo with Camerlengo…
8.16.19: Defending Arista’s honor + Grabbbin’ Graba!
Aug 16 • 17 min
Frankly, I’m hurt. And I know she is, too, though she won’t let on. I know Auburn University Gymnastics coach Jeff Graba believes in Arista. That’s just the kind of guy he is. But let’s find out more about the kind of guy he is… forget the balance…
8.15.19: Jer Bear gets two degrees from every celebrity in the world thanks to Michael Grecco!
Aug 15 • 22 min
Starting a conversation about emotional support spiders and talking to celebrity portraiture superstar Michael Grecco… dishin’ on Depp, Kanye, Pamela Anderson, literally everyone. Great, great stuff…
8.14.19: Lawn mowing protocol? + The Man Who Would Have Been Bo (Duke)
Aug 14 • 18 min
Have you ever heard a man became two degrees of separation away from Daisy Duke on the radio?
8.13.19: Howlin’ at The Weather Channel’s Resident Auburn Super Fan Reynolds Wolf + Big AU Radio News!
Aug 13 • 28 min
Talking life and love and Auburn with the Weather Channel’s Reynolds Wolf, plus—hey, it’s Andy!
8.12.19: Mayor Ron Anders discusses tensions with Cumming, Georgia + House Snakes + Freaky Fish Tube
Aug 12 • 20 min
Auburn Mayor Ron Anders discusses the status of the city’s relationship with Cumming, Georgia in light of recent events.
8.9.19: Riding the Gus Bus with my cousin’s cousin
Aug 9 • 22 min
Headlines, weather, a one-week check up, and talking Auburn football with the most acerbic writer at practice.
8.8.19: New Segments and an interview with Comedian Jeff Allen, that guy all over Facebook
Aug 8 • 32 min
Arista goes multilingual and Jer Bear interviews Jeff Allen, that comic all over your Facebook feed who is coming to Auburn in four days. Fun!
SEGMENT: Talking Chick-fil-A and Kerryon with Brooke Fletcher
Aug 7 • 4 min
Interviewed Fox Sports Detroit’s Brooke Fletcher. Cried over the Chick-fil-A Magnolia news.
8.7.19: Returning to Realville!
Aug 7 • 14 min
Jer’s tryin’ to get his groove back. Let’s see what happens…
8.6.19: Day 2, Interview 1… with Brooke Fletcher!
Aug 6 • 29 min
A few segments (including the weather!) and an interview with Auburn grad turned contestant in the controversial 2015 Miss USA pageant turned Fox Sports Detroit host Brooke Fletcher, because someone had to tell her about the Chick-fil-A on Magnolia…
8.5.19: Don’t Call It a Comeback!
Aug 5 • 16 min
Rich blowing Dodge for God turns ol’ Jer into a lone reed, standing tall, waving boldly, in the provocative sands of podcasting.