The self Hosted Podcast

The self Hosted Podcast
Showing how easy it really is to take back control of your data from the tech giants and stop being a product for them to sell to advertisers. In this podcast we will explore the many ways to set up and host your own server whether it’s in your home or on a remote VPS. How to back up and sync your data, run your own email, chat, VOIP, website, social media, etc. All with ethical, free and open source software. This is not a “technical” podcast. I am an average, everyday dude that has no coding skills. I explain and talk in a normal way that isnt over your head with tech jargon.

Ep 8 Commit2Quit or as much as you can
Aug 25 • 26 min
At the time of this posting (where I post the full show notes) is down. I will edit this on Anchor when I get a solution. Housekeeping It seems that this podcasts goal has already been achieved. It has inspired 2 people to start self…
TSHP Ep 7 Securing your Yunohost Server
Aug 18 • 28 min
Housekeeping I just recorded episode 4 of The Self Hosted Vidcast. I uninstalled Wordpress and showed how to install a static html site on Yunohost. Bonehead Media is back to being a simple static html site. It’s only got 2 pages that I built in Bootstrap…
Ep6 How to take back control
Aug 11 • 27 min
Go to Bonehead Media for full shownotes is essential to doing this right! First we need to look at what we need to replace to rid our lives of these companies. 1. Communication/Email/Chat/Conferancing 2. Office/Doc/Colaboration 3. File…
Ep5 Getting Back Control
Aug 11 • 29 min
See Bonehead Media for the full shownotes. I’m gonna be totally honest with you. I didnt really think the course of this podcast through before starting it. I got excited when I found out about Yunohost and went totally ADD thinking that people have to…
Ep4-The Internet Cube
Aug 4 • 19 min
Click for the full show notes The Internet Cube **What is it?** - It’s a box similar to Freedombox. The idea is to have your own wifi to connect to the internet and be free, neutral and decentralized. Looks like it is a joint venture between…
Ep3 Why you should know DNS
Aug 1 • 35 min
I love the artwork for this episode! And I just had to use it when I saw it. It was created by Aleks. I’ve also ran across a couple of memes that I cant stop laughing at. I’ll be using those in future episodes as well. The cat is out of the bag and people…
Choosing Yunohost and The Fediverse
Aug 1 • 37 min
What it is If you’ve ever messed with Linux you have undoubtedly experienced the dreaded (but fun) thing called “distro hopping”. Where you constantly download and install tons of different distros and use them to see what they are like and how well they…
6 Questions
Aug 1 • 29 min
Who am I? Greetings! If this is the first time you’ve ever ran across me I am Unkle Bonehead and welcome to the Self Hosted Podcast, a journey into taking control of your data and entering the Fediverse. It’s not only my journey but it just might be yours…