The Prodigal Podcast

The Prodigal Podcast
Take a look inside the mind of filmmaker Nick Stumphauzer as he attempts to return to a belief in god - documented in this podcast journey ‘The Prodigal’. The podcast will serve as a battlefield of ideas and a fertile ground for debate with the audience and promote Nick’s personal growth as a thinker and a man.

Oct 20 • 27 min
What would you tell him? Talk to me @nickstumphauzer on IG [email protected] for email Your thoughts are valuable to me.
Thunderbolts of the Gods | Wal Thornhill
Oct 15 • 110 min
The deeper you gaze into the cosmos, the harder it is to look back. Thunderbolts YouTube: My Instagram: @nickstumphauzer My Email:
Spooky Action | Michael Jones of Inspiring Philosophy
Oct 8 • 101 min
Watch Michael’s videos here: Follow me on IG here: Don’t follow me on Twitter.
Return Fire | Aron Ra
Oct 5 • 95 min
Aron Ra comes on the show to rebuttal Dr. Sanford’s claims from the previous episode. Let me know your thoughts @nickstumphauzer on IG and @nstumphauzer on twitter. Email me at
Anathema | Dr. John Sanford
Sep 26 • 144 min
I have been preaching the gospel of Evolution for years. But no longer. This interview with eminent geneticist Dr. John Sanford has changed my mind on the most axiomatic scientific belief currently in circulation: that all life evolved over millions of…
A Way Out
Sep 20 • 30 min
I unpack Pascal’s Wager and whether I would be willing to stake my life. Would you? Follow me on IG @nickstumphauzer Twitter @nstumphauzer
The Right Medium
Sep 8 • 14 min
I will not be moving forward with the film side of this journey. Find out why in this episode.
And Those Who Climbed | Matthew Murdock
Sep 4 • 95 min
So excited to be bringing you this podcast with my brother Matthew Murdock. Please reach out to me via Instagram @nickstumphauzer Email [email protected] Or Twitter (trigger warning) @nstumphauzer Happy listening!
The Madman
Aug 21 • 32 min
Diving deep on this episode. I have more questions than answers. Which seems to be the new norm for me on this journey. What is it like to lose your religion? It goes a little something like this… I want to hear from you. @nickstumphauzer on IG…
Why am I an Atheist?
Aug 13 • 31 min
Welcome Back! Thank you for being here and listening. So why am I an atheist? What has convinced me? What made me leave the Catholic faith? If you’ve ever wanted to know and didn’t want to read my book The Akedah, this is the episode for you. Reach out to…
Clearing a Path
Aug 9 • 74 min
Welcome back my Prodigal Sons! Thank you all for the love and support on the launch of this podcast. I feel very warm and fuzzy. This episode is a dive into what might be in my way to finding God again. I talk with my close friend Spencer Field about the…
Who is The Prodigal?
Aug 3 • 33 min
Welcome to the Prodigal Podcast! The only unfiltered, unchained, uncensored, and unbiased dialogue on belief and god you’ll find East or West of the Mississippi. I am your host, Nick Stumphauzer. It’s good to have you listening. What is this podcast? The…