Carmen Johnston Gardens

Carmen Johnston Gardens
Planting tips and tricks, DIY inspiration, recipes, floral design, entertaining ideas and more straight from the garden. Follow Carmen Johnston for practical advice and for great ways to incorporate your garden in your day-to-day life and home.

Easy Live Evergreen Wreath
Nov 15 • 11 min
How to make an easy life Evergreen Wreath for the Holidays? The trick is: It’s only “half alive”. Listen to how I do this quickly for mailboxes, fireplaces mantles, and wreaths. For all the materials and a step by step video, see here:…
10 Minute Thanksgiving Centerpiece
Nov 11 • 2 min
Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and with all the stress the holidays can bring, I want to share a quick 10-minute Thanksgiving Centerpiece that will elevate your dinner table to new heights. The centerpiece as a whole might look complicated but once…
Tips for Growing an Indoor Herb Garden
Nov 5 • 15 min
Lots of people ask me about herb gardens and I’m excited to share with you my tips and tricks for growing herbs. I love to use my herbs in the kitchen, in my tea, and in my hair as I’ll reveal in this post! To begin, I’d like to share my 10 Herb Garden…
What to Plant in Cooler Temperatures
Oct 28 • 5 min
I am so excited to share with you some of my favorite cool weather plants! My first pick is called free fall pansy. It may look kind of leggy to you, but I love to use in container gardens because it will spill over the edge and really soften the edges.…
My 6 Favorite Perennials to Plant in Fall
Oct 28 • 17 min
It. Is. Time! Time to plant your favorite perennials. Perennials are those plants that come back year after year, rather than annuals that have to be re-planted each year. Fall is the best time to plant so many garden favorites because the cold season…
How to Create a Natural and Beautifully Layered Fall Front Porch
Oct 23 • 7 min
I’m walking you through how-to create a beautiful fall front porch that will last through November. Layering wicker, copper, pumpkins, and LOTS of plants, I’m going to tell you how I create gorgeous fall entryways step by step. Plant Inspiration Crepe…
How to Make 3 Delicious Fall Cocktails: Cherry Mint Julep, Hot Toddy, and my Fall Sangria
Oct 23 • 11 min
Fall is here and so is our readiness for some fall cocktails! Herbs like sage, rosemary, and mint are perfect fall herbs to base your cocktails around. Use the liquor and wine you already have on hand and pair with seasonal fruits! Listen in as I show you…
FERNS: All You Need to Know About Caring for and Choosing Ferns for Fall Planting
Oct 20 • 16 min
I love love love ferns in all shapes and sizes and Lanie from Thunderwood Farms was the perfect person to share in my excitement for these beauties. Fall is the very best time to plant ferns because it gives the plants a chance to establish their roots…
Carmen Johnston Gardens
Jul 31 • 1 min
This podcast was created at Nashville Voice Conference for Carmen Johnston Gardens and will feature weekly updates including interviews and how-to gardening tips.