Shakin' The Salt

Shakin' The Salt
Television/radio host and author Dr. Debra Peppers, shares how she overcame her own personal struggles of being 100 pounds overweight, depressed, and even suicidal, so that you too can be equipped and prepared to receive God‘s love, forgiveness, streng?

20 Before The Fall
Nov 17 • 11 min
As the Proverb really says “Pride goes before destruction; destruction before the fall.”
19 Taking Risks
Nov 10 • 9 min
From dangerous risks to phenomenal “around the world” adventures
18 Depression
Nov 3 • 10 min
Depression affects most of us at some time in our lives.
Oct 27 • 9 min
Psychologist Carl Jung introduced the P I E S chart for living a balanced life!
Oct 20 • 9 min
Can something broken really become something even better? Yes!
15 Big Bully!
Oct 13 • 8 min
Most of our schools have developed anti-bullying campaigns for our children, but what about adult bullies in the workplace, the neighborhood or in the political arena?
14 Loneliness
Oct 6 • 9 min
Since loneliness is listed as the third highest contributing factor to attempted suicide, how can we get help when we or someone we know feels perpetually lonely?
13 Daddy
Sep 29 • 7 min
He was a WWII Navy Pilot and successful business man, but I was his Baby Girl.
12 Busy, Busy, Busy!
Sep 22 • 8 min
I don’t have time for my own family – much less time with God!
11 Heart Sisters
Sep 15 • 8 min
Deep friendships can be born from deep tragedies.
10 MO MO
Sep 12 • 7 min
As radio hosts, we see our share of fans – and stalkers.
09 I Don’t Have Time!
Sep 8 • 8 min
Time is one thing no one can buy. As long as we are alive, we all have the same 24 hours. If we want our day to be meaningful and fulfilled, we must make time for God.
08 The Sky Is Falling!
Sep 4 • 7 min
When the real storms are predicted or the “storms of life” come our way, there are things we can do to be prepared of course, but sometimes we are blindsided. There is still an answer!
07 Happiness
Aug 23 • 7 min
How to link in to the secret of finding joy in the midst of trials!
06 Prejudice
Aug 12 • 8 min
Prejudice in today’s world and how to combat it.
03 The Gift of Hope
Aug 3 • 7 min
Dr. Peppers explains how to tap into hope through faith for a better, happier future.
05 What Can I Do With My WORRY, WORRY WORRY?
Aug 3 • 7 min
God says not to worry about anything! So how do I do that? Glad you asked!
04 Suicide is a Permanent End to a Temporary Problem
Aug 3 • 7 min
Suicide is a permanent answer to a temporary problem. God has better answers!
02 Trusting God With Your Future
Aug 3 • 7 min
When you don’t have an answer for your future, guess what! God does!
01 Finding Your Joy
Aug 2 • 8 min
From Hall of Shame to Hall of Fame, Dr. Peppers want you to experience the same joy!